Including how to choose among a set of key features to find out which predictive analytics tool is best for your business.

The Top 8 Predictive Analytics Tools - Learn about the top tools for enterprise users

These days nearly every enterprise wants to have predictive analytics capabilities. This corresponds to growing interest in Big Data and artificial intelligence.

In some recent surveys, more than 90 percent of organizations say they believe predictive analytics will be important to their future success. But far fewer respondents have put predictive analytics software into production. Only a quarter to a third or respondents are actually using the tools today (although considerably more are currently evaluating for future deployment).

Part of the problem may be the difficulties involved in choosing the right technology for your needs. Rushing to make a purchase in order to keep up with the data analytics trends is a sure way to end up with an expensive tool that disappoints expectations.

How to choose the right tools for your needs? Experts suggest that organizations begin the process of selecting predictive analytics tools by clarifying their needs. Asking the following questions may help:

  1. Who within your organization will be using the tools?
  2. What will be the initial use case for your predictive analytics? 
  3. How will your predictive analytics needs change over time? 
  4. What other tools does your predictive analytics solution need to support or integrate with? 
  5. What is your preferred deployment model? 
  6. What is your budget? 

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