Three Ways Machine Learning And SEO Go Hand In Hand

Machine Learning – As business owners or potential entrepreneurs, we know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) as it relates to the success of our business or ideas coming into fruition. As technology has grown, there’s been a shift in how SEO works with other technological advances.

One of the more interesting advances, on its own and as it relates to optimizing keywords, is machine learning. Research shows that by 2020, the artificial intelligence (AI) market will be worth over $5 billion, due in large part to machine learning. In other words, it’s here to stay. The idea that computers can handle some of the more remedial tasks and learn how to improve just by gathering data is impressive. But how does this type of technology impact marketers and their websites’ SEO?

We are going to look at some of the ways that people are using machine learning in combination with their search engine optimization techniques. Its potential is quickly emerging and will have a serious impact on marketing as we know it.

AI’s Impact On Content SEO

Machine learning has a huge impact on the way business owners are creating their website content and implementing keywords. Google quickly realized that there was no way humans can track and identify every website, then rank those websites based on the information on-site.

As a result, Google technicians implemented artificial intelligence to try and keep websites (and the content within) in check. Their task is to make sure that their users are getting exactly what they need when they search for something.

Most business leaders understand the importance of AI when working with SEO. A study from Emerj discovered that a majority of business owners feel that search is the single most profitable application for modern AI, only behind customer segmentation. This change has lessened the burden on real SEO specialists and eliminated a whole group of “fraudster” SEO specialists who were using deceptive behavior like keyword stuffing. The end result? Those who work with SEO benefit from machine learning because it allows them to rank on the quality of their content and the proper use of keywords.

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