First let’s define simply what messages and transactions are:

A message is an electronic instance of data that was sent from one place to another

A transaction is the processing of a user’s request throughout the entire application stack.

Messages are point to point, while transactions weave through the multitude of systems and business processes as all the elements of the business are engaged to service the users request.

The process of servicing a transaction will require a lot of messages to be passed between many systems, and every sent message must be acknowledged, acted upon and recorded in logs. The actions each system takes will lead to multiple new messages being sent to multiple systems, all of which must process the messages, and send other messages, so that the transaction can be completed.

In complex business applications with thousands of transactions happening in a defined period of time, potentially millions of messages will be being transmitted and received. Any delay in processing messages in the planned time can quickly create additional complexity as qeues fill up with incomplete transactions while required messages are being waited for.

Even small delays in messages that lead to growing ques can place a massive burden on systems and can lead to missed service levels.

Being able to see how all the messages interact in the processing of transactions provides operations teams and application teams the ability to see issues before they reach critical levels, and by implementing automated alerts and by using machine learned predictive monitoring and automation, decisions can be made quickly to change resource usage to alleviate issues before the users ever notice.

Being able to track messages and create an understanding of how messages interact with systems to process transactions gives a business a technical and business perspective of how their e-business is running and provides effective command and control.

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