Detect Java Application Performance Trends It’s true.  Garbage Collection (GC) in Java, meant to be of help to the developer can actually be the cause of your performance issues.

But there is hope…GC can also function as an essential early warning system, letting you know about impending performance problems.  The trick here is to analyze the behavior of GC on your system and relate that to normal vs. abnormal application performance.   How do you do that?  Glad you asked…

Our CTO will be presenting a brief TechTalk on this subject.

In only 18 minutes he will cover 3 ways to detect Java application performance trends.

Please join us at: 3 Ways to Detect Java Application Performance Trends

Learn how to use real-time analytics to determine trends in application response times

3 Reasons to attend:
1) Learn how to spot emerging bottlenecks in applications spanning multiple JVMs
2) Find out how to reduce false-positives by eliminating static thresholds
3) Hear about measuring Garbage Collection behavior as a way to provide early warning for application performance