What does your IT team fear?What Does Your IT Department Fear This Holiday Season?

Children and even older folks can live in fear of Halloween ghouls, ghosts, goblins, witches and warlocks.  To most of us, it seems a little irrational. It’s all just make-believe right? Yet, it’s a major Hollywood industry to turn out movies that scare your shoes off, especially at this time of year. They’ve learned there’s money in keeping the public at least a little suspicious that all these things are real.

Unfortunately for IT departments, there’s nothing profitable in the ghouls and ghosts that haunt their systems.  They aren’t make-believe. They are very real fears.

  • Business won’t materialize because orders aren’t going through when the customer tries to conclude an order. Yet, no one knows this is happening until someone calls saying, “Where’s my order?”
  • Business critical orders aren’t processed because a messaging queue dumps messages when the queue gets too full. Yet, no one knows because some of the orders are processing. Once again, the first warning of a problem is an unhappy voice at the end of a phone line.
  • Prices aren’t refreshing, so customers are getting charged the wrong price at the check-out line. At least one customer is upset, and possibly many more as the line is held up trying to resolve the issue. That’s if the customer doesn’t just walk away from the transaction!
  • The entire system suffers an application meltdown that prevents the business from delivering service entirely. Where did that come from?

It’s far too common for IT to spend its time trying to identify why things work without any problems part of the time, then suddenly escalate into business impacting failures. And it seems to happen when the business is most depending on IT to keep that cash flow coming in.

For IT the spooky season just starts with the pre-Halloween buying. It’s likely to peak on Black Friday and continue through the day after Christmas. Is the fear that your IT system may not meet expectations this year one of your main fears?

You don’t have to live on the edge this holiday season. Your IT department needs the spook and ghost eliminator. You need application performance management (APM). It will change your IT department’s outlook on the world. It will show you where the ghosts are hanging out. Those mysterious business transactions that are sometimes there and sometimes not have no place to hide when APM is spotlighting every transaction from end to end.

You won’t have to keep wondering when the next ghoul of a transaction or application malfunction is going to flood your service desk with calls. APM will stop the “ghoul” and prevent it from swallowing up those profits IT is designed to support.

Isn’t it time your IT department stomped out your fears? Wouldn’t you like to challenge your IT spooks and win? It’s time to talk about what the AutoPilot APM solution can do for you.