Is Your IT Ready for the Online Rush?

APM to help with the Online RushLast year, Black Friday website traffic broke records. It was up 13 percent from the previous year and proved to be the single biggest sales day for website traffic for all of 2010. Will this critical kick-off day for the 2011 holiday season catch your IT system by surprise? And will you be ready to handle all that traffic, both online and off?

The last thing you need on the biggest sales day of the year is an online shopping cart that crashes! Before the holiday boon, you need to perform a health check on your business applications to ensure they can meet greater than anticipated demand.

How do you do this? Turn to application performance monitoring (APM) before you have a problem.

Most IT departments are aware of the importance of APM for keeping mission-critical applications available. This is an important part of your pre-Black Friday health check. If you don’t have an APM solution monitoring your IT enterprise already, you are vulnerable to black out.

Use APM to ensure your applications don’t have any hidden performance issues that could black you out when transaction volumes rise. A little problem can rapidly become a cascading failure when volumes increase.

Let’s face it, failure happens, and often when you least expect it. Servers go down. Applications malfunction. But application performance management reduces the risk significantly that you will be caught unawares, especially when application performance is involved.

Many IT departments overlook the importance of using APM as a tool in their failure prevention arsenal. Are you using APM to conduct your failover tests? Is APM installed on the back-up system as well as the primary system? Have you ensured that you have agents installed through your entire backup environment?

This is yet another way that APM can keep the “power” up for your online shopping cart! Not only can APM help you ensure your transactions execute, it can protect you in the event you have a non-application based problem arise within the IT enterprise.

There’s no reason to wonder if you will be blacking out on Black Friday. Take action. Talk to us about APM today.