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Working with IBM MQ and Tibco EMS.

Global banking group needed to increase the efficiency of middleware experts and Dev/Ops users working with IBM MQ and Tibco EMS.


Allowing non-expert users to be able to setup and manage their own middleware objects within parameters controlled by experts.

A global bank who uses middleware extensively within its business applications needed to find ways of reducing the time it was taking its experts to manage tasks associated with MQ and Tibco. They were looking for three specific improvements:
1. Self- Service- allowing non-expert users to be able to setup and manage their own middleware objects within parameters controlled by experts.

2. Configuration management & migration management – A common method of managing all their middleware systems and automating migrations.

3. Monitoring and operation – Simplify the process of operating their middleware systems.

The company contacted several vendors who were asked to demonstrate and prove the viability of their technology offering, using a proof of concept (POC) approach, which Nastel subsequently won.

Nastel Navigator (SaaS) was tested and found to be the ideal solution.

Nastel Navigator (formerly known as Nastel AutoPilot On Demand) provided solid solutions to the three needs the customer has asked for. Using Nastel Navigator the customers middleware experts were able to define what tasks could be manage directly by the users, ensuring security and business integrity was maintained while allowing tasks that would have taken a significant amount of the expert’s days to be delegated down to the users.

Nastel Navigator provided a simple, automated method – delivering a graphical user interface (GUI) and a command line facility – for middleware configuration and migration management.

Nastel Navigator delivered automated intelligent monitoring with alerting to ensure optimum system uptime and rapid root cause analysis where needed.

Migrating legacy queue managers to current release levels used to be an administrative headache for middleware administrators, this has now been solved for this customer.
Of the 1,200 IBM MQ queue managers being used, over a thousand were running on versions that were either no longer supported or about to have support withdrawn, which would have created an unacceptable risk and could have led to compliance issues. This has now been solved. Through the implementation of self service and a cross platform management solution the burden on their experts has now been reduced so that more time can be spent on more valuable tasks.

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