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Published Case Studies

Nastel Solves Admin & Security Issues Associated with Capital Markets Trading Infrastructure

ICIB trading and treasury operations span FX trading, equity derivatives trading, equity derivatives sales and structuring, interest-rate trading, money market, and other financial products. Trade origination messaging traffic represents 133,000 daily transaction flows—involving settlements, CRM, ECM (Enterprise Content Management), payments, and reconciliation applications, relies upon a middleware messaging backbone in a distributed systems environment.

Global banking group needed to increase the efficiency of middleware experts and Dev/Ops users working with IBM MQ and Tibco EMS.

A global bank who uses middleware extensively within its business applications needed to find ways of reducing the time it was taking its experts to manage tasks associated with MQ and Tibco. They were looking for three specific improvements:

  1. Self-service – allowing non-expert users to be able to setup and manage their own middleware objects within parameters controlled by experts.
  2. Configuration management & migration management – A common method of managing all their middleware systems and automating migrations.
  3. Monitoring and operation – Simplify the process of operating their middleware systems.

Large retailer learned a valuable lesson despite losing millions of dollars in orders.

Just because they were not aware of the lost orders that were occurring, did not mean that they weren’t losing orders

Nastel AutoPilot Provides Business Transaction Management for Major International Retailer

Helps to Ensure the ‘Price is Right’ by Drastically Improving Efficiency and Cost Savings During Peak Retail Season

Global provider of financial services technology solutions has chosen Nastel AutoPilot

This Fortune 500 company has leveraged the latest fraud detection and regulatory compliance tools for more than 25 years to enable its more than 16,000 clients to achieve excellence and solve business issues with respect to payments; processing services; risk and compliance; customer and channel management; and insights and optimization.

Large Insurer Utilizes AutoPilot to Ensure Quick Claims Processing; Helps Retain Customers in an Increasingly Competitive Service-Oriented Environment

This insurer is one the nation’s leaders in healthcare, property and casualty and disability insurance. Its mission is to help people lead healthier lives, make healthcare more afford­able and guide its customers to financial security. The insurer’s healthcare division is affiliated with over 150 hospitals and employs over 5,000 associates nationwide.

Global electronics manufacturing company must maximize system availability and performance

Time is money, and never more so than in the case of a factory that has to run at peak efficiency 24 hours a day seven days a week to keep up with product orders. If manufacturing operations come to a halt, it costs the company millions.

State Government Tells Why They Replaced Candle with AutoPilot

A state government replaced Candle’s PathWAI with Nastel’s AutoPilot for monitoring their distributed WebSphere MQ infrastructure, and described their experiences.

Using Nastel AutoPilot for Realtime Proactive Monitoring

The company chose AutoPilot because of its single dashboard, real-time view of all commercial applica­tions and transactions, servers, and middleware, as well as its ability to automatically discover and issue alerts related to applications- and transaction-related problems.

Fortune 50 Financial Firm Implements Proactive Transaction Monitoring

A large financial services firm provides clients in more than 50 countries with financial advisory services, products and solutions. As an integrated bank, the company consists of multiple global divisions (including: private banking, investment banking and asset management) and employs more than 40,000 people.

State Agency Tells How AutoPilot Met All Their Requirements

Required the ability to meet service level agreements, provide real-time trending, and provide historical analysis of system health and traffic patterns across WMQ, internally developed Java applications, Weblogic, and all of the OS platform all these run on.

Multi-agency Organization Gains Immediate Benefits from AutoPilot

MQ Series installed on mainframe and distributed systems with numerous production applications. Most of the applications are some type of client application, which connects to a Queue Manager and then does a transaction to perform a query or update on a database.

Private Cloud with WebSphere App Server

How Technology is used at a Nastel Customer for Proactive Monitoring in a Private Cloud

Maintaining Light and Energy

Customer service is a priority, especially when it affects the quality of its customers’ lives.

Nastel Provides a Solution to the RAC

Nastel’s Autopilot middleware monitoring tool that detects problems and enables faster and easier resolution, resulting in enhanced quality of service for RAC customers.

AutoPilot to monitor important patient data transmissions

  • Maintaining HIPAA regulatory and compliance issues
  • Managing the performance and availability of your entire WebSphere MQ environment from a single point of control
  • Predictive Alerts and preemptive automated actions
  • Avoiding pages in the middle of the night and fear that your boss knows something is broken and you don’t know

Nastel – A Leader in Advanced IT Analytics

AI + APM = less cost, more productivity, better service
AI-related technologies like machine learning, predictive advanced IT analytics, streaming “fast data” analytics, and natural language search are taking traditional APM analytics to the next level.

Get a jump on how they can help you:

Lower costs with unmatched problem-solving speed and flexibility
Be more productive and accomplish more with less
Provide better service by giving technologists and businesspeople alike the intuitive tools they need to make better decisions that improve end-user satisfaction
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