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Need a way to reduce costs and improve application performance at the same time?

Need a way to reduce costs and improve application performance at the same time?

Application Performance – Much of the costs associated with implementing a new app or upgrading an existing app are operational. For most companies at least a quarter of their entire IT budget is aligned to integration and configuration management.

The Third Rail of IT Politics

Solving the next big isue in application performance


What if you could predict and repair a problem before it happened?

Imagine being able to report to your boss that your response times to a problem were hours or even days before the problem occurred. That your time to repair was actually negative!

The 5 steps to AIOps success

The five steps to complete AIOps delivery

The Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application performance monitoring (APM) is the primary source of guidance when it comes to managing application performance and ensuring availability to end users. With the right APM solutions and a systematic approach to resolving performance issues, businesses can focus on innovation and strategy while keeping their customers happy


APM is hot right now

A recent article in NetworkWorld highlighted the surge that is being seen in the Application Performance Monitoring space recently.

The article came about after AppDynamics and BlueStripe released news that their revenues increased 400 and 700 percent, respectively, in 2011. And quoted in the same article was EMA Analyst Julie Craig, author of her own recent Radar Report on APM, who said she doesn’t doubt these vendors’ claims because, “APM is hot right now.

Hotter than 25 cent pistol, we say.

Both BlueStripe and AppDynamics state their competitors have fallen flat, and that organizations are realizing, as budgets are freed up, they need a solution that will allow them to gain the most from their applications.

We are Nastel Technologies, and our APM solution is called AutoPilot. We’d like to thank AppDynamics’ CEO Jyonti Bansal for naming us in the interview.

“It’s kind of like operating a Boeing 757,” Bansal says. “It’s very powerful and very complex, but if you’re operating without the right dashboard and cockpit or without an auto-pilot, you can’t really do it. It becomes very complex.”

Jyonti, thanks, because we couldn’t agree more. Complexity is one of the biggest problems facing Infrastructure and Operations groups today and there appears to be no end in sight. More data, greater risk and a requirement for lower latency has become the norm. Monitoring tools need to be able to handle situations where events are multi-dimensional and taken together have meaningful impact to the business. These tools must be able to recognize reoccurring cases and enable action before there is serious user impact.

This is the very same reason we named our product AutoPilot, because we realize businesses are like jumbo jets streaking across the sky. They’re very powerful and they have a mission, to deliver people to places swiftly and safely, just as business-critical applications are tuned to deliver enterprises revenue in a swift and concise manner.

But the jet needs a little help from the auto-pilot to monitor the operating systems and warn about reoccurring problems before there is a flight risk and keep that plane in the sky. Organizations need Nastel AutoPilot to identify application performance issues before they impact or cripple revenue streams.

No one needed to tell us that APM is hot right now; we’ve been seeing our own successes and look forward to the flight continuing.

Now departing at Gate 12…