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Transforming Big Data Processing Through Blockchain and AI

Big data is currently on everybody’s lips with stringent regulations the order of the day and security breaches happening on a regular basis. A company called Endor has come up with a blockchain and AI based solution to manage and process data.  After years of research at MIT, Endor claims to have invented the “Google…
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How can insurers leverage big data to improve their processes?

Big data is not just a buzz term any more – as consumers demand more from insurance companies, the need for a more efficient way to examine risks grows as well. The opportunities big data analytics presents are endless in helping companies transform the way they see and manage large pools of information from consumers.…
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The 5 steps to AIOps success

The five steps to complete AIOps delivery

Big Data and the Need for a Data Strategy

Big data. We’ve all heard and talked about it. Big data is a major component of every industry and hospitality is not an exception. Knowing how to recognize and utilize big data to your company’s advantage unlocks great amounts of power. However, having access to data is one thing, but to maximize big data, it…
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Why Big Data And Machine Learning Are Important In Our Society

Machine learning and big data will have a tremendous influence on our society. The machine minds are coming online, and you had better learn to adapt if you want to succeed.