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How To Maximize Your Benefits With Cloud Computing

Five ways you can begin making the most of FORCE in your company! 1. Blend your most customer-facing applications together in the cloud Unlike past software, cloud software applications today allow more interfaces (called application programming interfaces, or APIs), which allow cloud-based applications to talk to one another. These communications mean your favorite applications can…
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The 5 steps to AIOps success

The five steps to complete AIOps delivery

What happens when you move to the public cloud?

Cloud computing clearly offers some very attractive benefits for significant elements of an enterprises business Many companies have made the move (generally in-part) to the public cloud; Moving major parts of their application stack to Amazon, Microsoft and others, reducing their in-house data centers, moving from a mainly capital expense to a mainly operation expense…
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Applying DevSecOps to Address Cloud Security Challenges

An overwhelming number of firms in the IT industry are preparing for cloud adoption, yet security continues to be a big question for many of them. Early DevOps adopters faced a similar challenge in their early stages of DevOps implementation. They relied on a wide variety of DevOps tools to address their issue completely. Today, however, DevSecOps is making…
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