Comprehensive Cloud Middleware Monitoring and Management

Accelerate Your Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Strategy

Supports All Clouds and On-Premises


Virtually all Nastel’s customers use the cloud in one form or another, whether it be the dynamic infrastructure of a virtualized private cloud, a hosted managed public cloud, or a hybrid combination of multi-cloud and on-premises servers hosting distributed microservices-based applications built, deployed, and managed in containers using DevOps.
Nastel’s products are available in all combinations to support middleware-centric applications that run in any cloud or on-premise environment and can be used to migrate between them. Different stakeholders have different reasons for choosing the cloud.

  • Admins and Techs choose virtualization and containerization for the freedom and portability the technology gives of build once, run anywhere
  • Business operations choose to outsource the hosting and managing of the infrastructure so they can focus on the core business value that differentiates them
  • Accountants and CFOs choose utility or pay as you go pricing model which removes risk and places IT in the OPEX budget rather than the CAPEX budget

Nastel® addresses the underlying cloud needs of all stakeholders. Nastel’s solutions enable customers to deep dive into the message flows between applications regardless of where they are, optimize flows & performance, and address issues before they impact end customers.



Fast, Robust Middleware Migration to any cloud

Secure Management for Middleware Administrators and Application Teams

  • Configuration Management at scale
  • Self-service with role-based highly granular security and auditing
  • Message Management & Testing

Monitoring, Observability, and Alerting

  • Monitor performance, availability, topologies, and message flows
  • See deep inside queues & topics
  • Proactively catch problems and bottlenecks before they impact digital services
  • Monitor queues, topics, message flows, message rates
  • Trigger alerts when problems or anomalies are detected
  • Integrate with ServiceNow, Remedy, Splunk, AppDynamics, and other general-purpose enterprise monitoring and ticketing systems

End-to-End Business Transaction Analytics

There is gold in the messages going through your middleware environment. The messages contain real business data. Many of Nastel’s customers perform analytics & alerting on the business itself.

  • Banks can enforce MiFID II and PSD2 compliance by identifying the high-value transactions that are taking too long to process
  • Financial institutions can see the total amount of money processed, the average price that an item sold for, which stocks are the most popular
  • Logistics companies can find missing deliveries or alert if someone has paid for premium postage and not received it on time
  • Retail companies can identify which products are selling the fastest and which have the most returns
  • IoT companies can spot trends in failures of devices by age, location, etc.
  • Tax authorities can use it for persons of interest tracking

Blockchain users can identify which farmers are supplying supermarkets with the best quality cabbages.

Easily Deploy, Update & Migrate Using Hybrid Cloud Containers

  • IBM Cloud Pak For Integration (CP4I)
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Docker

Also available as a VM or bare metal binary install.

DevOps Automation

The REST API, as well as AutoPilot’s automation and granular role-based security, enables secure version-controlled deployment, management, migration, and monitoring using Infrastructure As Code (IAC) technologies such as:

  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • CloudFormation
  • Git

Utility-Based Pricing

Nastel® software is available as a perpetual license, a term license, or usage-based pay-as-you-go pricing.

Easily Deployed from Cloud Marketplaces

Supported middlewares include IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, IBM ACE/IIB/Broker, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, DataPower, MFT/File Transfer, TIBCO EMS, Solace, Java, Blockchain as well as Applications themselves.