Nastel has provided a download package for OpenReports for customers that did not have their own corporate reporting tools. As of November 1st, 2013, Nastel no longer distributes it. Customers can download it directly from Nastel support will make best effort to provide assistance with setup and execution with our sample reports. However, support will not extend to failures in OpenReports itself. We will continue to distribute our sample reports using Jasper Reports which can be used with other reporting tools.

If assistance is required extends beyond support for the reports provided, that can be provided by Nastel professional services.

When using a corporate reporting tool, Nastel professional services can assist in configuring it to work with Nastel data.

For AutoPilot 4.X and earlier

Nastel is releasing its new suite of products under the brand AutoPilot M6 (a.k.a. Mach 6). The new suite is slated to be generally available (GA) to the market as of October 15, 2007. The AutoPilot M6 product set supersedes all previous versions of the AutoPilot and MQ Control product lines previously released by Nastel.

Standard industry practice is for a vendor to continue to support the prior release of a software product for twelve months from the release date of a new version release.

However, Nastel recognizes the significant investment that our customers have made in deploying AutoPilot in their IT environments, and the complexity inherent in their IT architectures. Therefore we have extended the support coverage period for prior versions of our AutoPilot product suite for three additional months, or fifteen months in total from the GA date.

Sunset Cut-off Date:
Nastel will continue to provide support for all customers currently covered by maintenance and support agreements for AutoPilot 4.X version level modules and plug-ins, including jKool, through December 31, 2008.

Support Coverage:
The support provided by Nastel for the AutoPilot 4.X version level products during this period will include providing patches, fixes, service packs, work-arounds, phone and email support for all AutoPilot product modules. It will not include any functional enhancements or feature upgrades. All functional enhancements and feature upgrade requests will be applied to the new AutoPilot M6 product set.

Extended Coverage Option:
Nastel urges all of its customers to complete their trade-up and migration to AutoPilot M6 during the 15-month support window. However, we acknowledge that this might not be feasible for every customer. For customers faced with insurmountable obstacles or circumstances that preclude their migration to AutoPilot M6 by Dec. 31, 2008, Nastel will offer an extension of support coverage for a premium fee. The length of time in which such extended support will be available will be determined by the level of demand and the number of customers requiring it. Note: Extended support will be provided to customers covered by premium multi-year agreements currently in effect as of Oct. 15, 2007 in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in their multi-year agreement.

Cessation of Support Coverage for AutoPilot 4.X and earlier versions:
When Nastel determines that extending support for prior versions of AutoPilot is no longer viable, all customers still using earlier supported versions will be notified and given one calendar quarter (3 months) to complete their migration to the then current versions of AutoPilot M6. At the end of that period, Nastel will no longer provide any technical support of any kind for AutoPilot 4.X and earlier versions.

AutoPilot M6 version 6.x is the current version. There are no pending plans to sunset this release.

For Other Products
Unless otherwise stated, the support for other Nastel products is maintained for 2 years from the date of release of an updated version or a replacement product.