Nastel AutoPilot M6 Can Predict Problems

Nastel AutoPilot with its Complex Event Processing engine and its unique, prebuilt policies for defining “business normal” and “business abnormal” can help you become proactive in your problem resolution process and reduce the number of tickets at your Service Desk.

Most companies today are more concerned than ever about maintaining system uptime, assuring that business transactions flow smoothly and complete in a timely way and recovering as rapidly as possible from failures.

AutoPilot M6 helps you meet all of these critical objectives. But it goes beyond these – it can actually help you predict and prevent problems – before they can disrupt your operations.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Usually, problems are detected as they occur and they’re reported after the fact rather than anticipated and prevented. By the time the problem is detected, service is usually either severely degraded, unavailable, or disabled, causing noncompliance with SLAs, increased costs and loss of productivity.

Because performance problems are already impacting the business by the time you’re notified, far more time is spent on fault detection than fault prevention. Industry experts contend that on average, 80% of the time is spent on finding the problem and only 20% on fixing it.

AutoPilot M6 provides a continual real-time macro view of overall application environment health and instant, on-demand deep-dive diagnostics into the underlying infrastructure. AutoPilot M6 will automatically notify you at the first sign of a performance anomaly or bottleneck so you can proactively take action to avert a problem before it hits.

Trends and Patterns that Predict Problems

The Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine that forms the core of AutoPilot M6 combines real-time rules engine processing with unique time-based trend recognition based on accumulated historical performance data to match behaviors and process patterns. It can apply filters, conditions and thresholds to spot anomalies and alert you of developing situations and potential problems.

AutoPilot M6’s real-time, on-demand measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the ability to process and recognize patterns enables proactive problem prevention with an end-to-end visibility into transactions and business processes as well as predicting future trends.

Simply put, AutoPilot M6 gives you the most powerful predictive problem prevention capabilities available.