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Nastel’s AutoPilot Mobile provides critical end-to-end visibility into mobile app behavior and performance. This next-generation, mobile-centric set of analysis tools is available as part of the AutoPilot Insight software platform, and includes:

  • RESTful APIs for streaming data and real-time tracking
  • Extensive forensic diagnostics
  • A powerful feature set engineered for technical and business users

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for Mobile’s RESTful APIs enable streaming mobile data and real-time tracking. These capabilities combined with forensic diagnostics provide users ranging from developers and IT admins to telecom managers and business analysts with the broad array of capabilities they need for complete situational awareness of user behaviors, performance, and the data transactions between mobile apps and the back-end infrastructure supporting them.

Nastel Announces Comprehensive Mobile Data Analysis Platform including Streaming Data Analytics for Mobile with Real-time Tracking

Watch for back-end performance problems. When an app runs slowly, everyone is quick to blame the client-side mobile developer. Yet often the answer lies deep within the technology stack supplying data to the app. When creating new (or modifying existing) services for an app, start with a stubbed-out version that responds immediately with fixed, non-computed data. Set a performance guideline based on this use case, and monitor transaction times during the course of development. Alternatively, some teams we interviewed proactively injected long delays in back-end APIs during test runs to ensure their front-end could handle those delays appropriately. Tools are available to monitor these “full-stack” traces as well, from vendors including Nastel AutoPilot.

Building High-Performance Mobile Experiences
Forrester Research Inc.
July 15, 2014


  • Build, test, and deploy mobile apps faster
  • Keep mobile customers happy and improve their total user experience
  • Easily stream data from mobile applications to AutoPilot Insight for extensive technical and business analysis
  • Gain powerful real-time tracking of user interactions (actions, touch events, navigation paths, locations, timings, and more) within any custom iOS or Android mobile app
  • Utilize precision performance and crash analysis information to quickly address any mobile app problems as they arise
  • Acquire on-the-fly insights by posing questions to streaming data with Nastel’s revolutionary natural query language, jKQL, and seeing intuitive visualizations of the answers in seconds
  • Understand what mobile apps are doing at a fundamental level, linking their reported behavior to back-end server and database event activities for a complete picture
  • Store your mobile app data without the need to set up a database solution
  • Easily stream data from customer apps, submit interactive queries, and subscribe to real-time analytics
  • Can be used with any iOS-based application using Objective C or Swift

Streaming Data Analytics Feature Highlights

  • The streaming analytics API, available as open-source on GitHub, makes it easy for iOS apps to stream data, submit interactive queries, and subscribe to real-time analytics
  • Both technical and business users can leverage Nastel’s built-in natural query language, jKQL, to easily ask questions, subscribe to answers, and extract actionable intelligence from app data streams
  • Business users can use Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Insight to enrich data acquired from their custom mobile apps with data from other sources for additional business perspectives
  • App crash data can be streamed as well
  • This API can be employed as a means to store application data without setting up a database solution.

Real-Time Tracking Feature Highlights

  • Capture and analyze errors and crashes
  • Monitor and analyze performance
  • Track mobile transactions, linking them to back-end server and DB transactions
  • Track which screens a user visits and how much time they spend on each of screen
  • Capture custom application data such as items in a shopping cart
  • Find the hidden insights where mobile apps communicate with other systems, correlating their activities together
  • Link mobile transactions to business objectives or milestones to show the impact to the business of mobile activities
  • The real-time tracking API, available as open-source on GitHub, drastically simplifies the process of adding analytics to an app. It adds in-depth, real-user monitoring and tracking for any custom application native to iOS. It transmits user actions, touch events, navigation paths, locations, and timings to AutoPilot Insight and can be added to apps in minutes

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