Datasheet: Nastel AutoPilot for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Collect, Analyze, and Visualize Performance Data

About Nastel AutoPilot for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Fix Issues Before Users Notice Them 

Nastel AutoPilot for APM’s real-time monitoring is enterprise-grade, meaning it extends across Web Services, Java, and .NET running on distributed system platforms, middleware, mainframes, and mobile. 

Nastel AutoPilot for APM delivers the visibility you need to understand the health of your applications, with the fast-acting automation necessary to slash the frequency and duration of outages. 

AutoPilot finds problems before users are impacted. Prebuilt wizards, templates, policies and web-based dashboards make your solution easy to deploy and use. And because AutoPilot is based upon an analytics engine specifically built for enterprise-grade implementations, it easily scales to handle the largest volumes of events. 

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit Description
Broad Software Support Complete monitoring Operates with Web Services, Java, .NET, z/OS, IBM MQ family of products, Data- Power, TIBCO, Solace
Easy Integration Simple to implement Built-in connectivity with SNMP, Twitter, RSS, dash- boards, event consoles, and more
Cut Support Costs Achieve SLA Easy-to-use tools detect and correct MQ-based problems; MTTR is improved and more support tasks are completed with fewer resource demands.
Complex Event Processing (CEP) Reduced Complexity and cost Fully distributed, ultra-high-performance CEP engine handles distributed policies and statistical baseline generation
User-defined rules, alerts, policies and KPIs
Flexible Instrumentation Extensible application instrumentation (logs, SQL, syslog…)
User-defined Business Views Intuitive, easily defined dashboards provide insights at a glance
Enterprise-grade Control Robust, granular security, authentication and access control. Integration with enterprise system management platform
Web-based Operations Web operations console plus UNIX-based console support

Their number one concern? Situations where service consumers report performance problems or complete outages before their IT professionals are aware of them. 

Nastel’s AutoPilot for APM monitors the status and health of all of your applications in real-time, allowing emerging issues to be recognized and handled before disruptions become noticeable. 

Nastel’s predictive analytics sense problems in their earliest stages and helps stop them in their tracks. 

Predictive Analytics Highlights 

  • Real-time monitoring with sub-second analytics 
  • Pre-built processing rules and dash-boards 
  • Extensible and scalable from small to large deployments 
  • Built-in failover; scales on an active grid 
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine for advanced application analytics and rules 
  • Combines business and IT KPIs
  • Supports virtual, physical and hybrid deployments 
  • Integrates with SNMP, Twitter, RSS, dashboards, event consoles 
  • Extensible application instrumentation (logs, SQL, syslog) 

Today’s IT organizations support vast numbers of critical application ecosystems and external-facing business services.


Nastel AutoPilot for APM reaches across the enterprise


AutoPilot for APM provides a single point of instant analysis and visibility into business services and application ecosystems spanning your entire enterprise.