Datasheet: Nastel AutoPilot for IBM DataPower

Unified monitoring and management of your DataPower environment.

About Nastel AutoPilot for IBM DataPower

AutoPilot for IBM WebSphere DataPower delivers unified monitoring and management of your DataPower environment. With required details of how DataPower performance impacts movement through the execution of a business process.

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit Description
Unified DataPower Management Increase command and control A unified way to support permissions, user access and re-certification.
Rules Faster and better automation A facility to create powerful rules to monitor the environment without the need for support staff to constantly monitor screens/dashboards
Enterprise monitoring Improved Monitoring A unified approach to enterprise monitoring that is end-to-end

The challenge that businesses who leverage middleware as the nervous system of their application infrastructure all face is the need to consolidate their tools and provide a single monitoring solution.

Nastel AutoPilot is only solution to support all software and appliance-based middleware technology requirements: WebSphere MQ, TIBCO EMS and RV, Solace, WebSphere DataPower and home-grown. 

AutoPilot for WebSphere DataPower monitors: 

  • DataPower's consumption of system resources over time 
  • DataPower metrics 
  • DataPower's performance of key business activities 
  • Routing and transformation history 
  • Correlate DataPower performance data with events from other systems Benefits 
  • A single point of control over infrastructure, both off-the-shelf and home-grown 
  • Early-warning alerts for DataPower performance in accordance with policy

AutoPilot monitors DataPower appliances via Web Services & SNMP. It has detected a configuration error. AutoPilot creates robust alerts which monitor multiple factors within DataPower before triggering alerts and warnings & offers a single interface.

Monitoring Multiple Middleware Solutions is Challenging. Whether through acquisition or plan, many firms find themselves running multiple middleware solutions each with their own set of management tools. Often, this is unavoidable as middleware is frequently linked tightly with specific applications. 

Middleware solutions are regularly bridged by IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances which transform and route message content between applications and other middleware platforms.