Datasheet: Nastel AutoPilot for IBM MQ

The Monitoring Standard for MQ Technology

About Nastel AutoPilot for IBM MQ

Nastel AutoPilot for MQ provides the industries deepest pro-active and real-time MQ monitoring of queues, channels, managers, listeners and queue statistics while simultaneously managing DLQs (Dead Letter Queues) and providing self service capabilities (allowing your development, QA and Operations teams to manage their own queues), message tracking, MQ configuration management and capacity planning in a single easy to use solution for WebSphere MQ (WMQ) or MQ Series. Nastel AutoPilot for MQ lowers your operational risk while improving user experience and reducing support costs, including Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit Description
Real-time IBM MQ Analysis Undertstand exactly how every transaction is performing, or group transactions Monitor using agents or go agent-less Monitor health, performance and policy metrics in real-time. Nastel is the only vendor that provides the choice of monitoring locally (with agents) or remotely (agent-free)
Topology Mapping Benefit from better productivity and visibility with instant monitoring of new queues, applications and queue managers. Auto-discovery of all MQ objects and their state translates to a visual map of every network node, device, and business service, along with all application data formats and dependencies. This saves IT pros hundreds of hours in initial setup and policy definitions, and eliminates time- consuming work making environment changes, adding new user applications and technologies, etc.
MQ Transaction Tracking Gain a deep undertsanding of how each transaction performs. Achieve compliance to regulations and corporate governance and be understand the user experience.
MQ Transaction Visualization Visibility into applications prevents situations where delayed processing of messages means lost business. See transactions or groups of transactions and the details on how they are performing.
Correlate events from other systems Track a transaction through the whole application stack, hardware, platform,services, applications and middleware. Monitoring MQ is not enough. To keep your business processes running smoothly Nastel provides visibility into everything that matters, such as events generated by the OS environment, other middleware, and applications.
Early-warning alerts for MQ performance issues Advanced warning of performance and availability concerns, maximizing the user expeience and minimizing the corrective action/preventative action (CAPA) warm room meetings. In accordance with defined policies, common problems like full queues or messages in DLQs are immediately visible, along with zOS buffer pool and page set information being monitored. AutoPilot provides visibility across all MQ platforms from a single point
Secure self-service and dashboards Assignable self-service privileges offload work from the MQ team and improve their overall productivity by empowering app developers and owners to be self-sufficient. Customizable dashboards enable every interested party to benefit from access to MQ visibility. Lower costs, increase productivity and create a shared view of the business.
Configuration management via web browser, easily configure MQ without concern for the differences between releases, platforms and OS Increase security and reduce management complexity. User Interface that allows all the parameters associated with MQ ques and messages to be manage centrally

JP Garbani, Forrester Research

“Nastel AutoPilot…one of the leading solutions to manage messaging technologies such as WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, and DataPower.”

Complex business applications that use IBM MQ to integrate business applications and processes across heterogamous infrastructures using  mix of legacy, contemporary and leading edge technologies including mainframe, cloud and on-premise systems as well as IOT devices that all use a wide range of pre-defined commercial applications, in-house and partner built applications and third party services, need a consistent way of understanding the performance of transactions through the whole application stack, otherwise the process of resolving system issues can lead to days of finger-pointing and customer satisfaction issues.

Nastel AutoPilot for MQ solves the “war room” problem by providing the simplest, yet most complete view of each transaction passing through every point of the application stack, including IBM MQ, so that the business and each operations, QA and application development team get a consistent understanding of exactly how transactions flow, and can see exactly where slowdowns, errors or outages are taking place. Looking deeply inside the infrastructure, platform and applications as well as middleware, Nastel AutoPilot increases your understanding and therefore significantly reduces the time to resolve issues allowing for the best customer experience.

IBM MQ provides the “critical glue” for many complex business applications used by many of the largest companies in the world.  The dependability and performance of these enterprise applications relies upon robust middleware messaging capabilities—which in turn require powerful tools to manage them. Nastel Technologies’ lead by CEO David Mavashev, an industry pioneer in WebSphere/MQ-based messaging and APM tools, continues to redefine standards in monitoring and analytics. Nastel supports the needs of hundreds of global enterprises and many thousands of users that demand scalable high-performance solutions coupled with cutting-edge features, ease-of-use, and minimal IT resource requirements.

Platform Description:

Available On-premise or On-demand.

Supported Platforms:

Available On-premise or On-demand