Datasheet: Nastel AutoPilot for System Z

Fully monitor your mainframe and its applications as part of your application stack.

About Nastel AutoPilot for System Z

Nastel AutoPilot for System Z provides rich support for monitoring application performance on the IBM mainframe and within its applications.

For example, with Nastel AutoPilot a business transaction is understood from the moment a user visits your website on their tablet or phone all the way through the application stack and back to the user. With deep and rich performance data your teams can all see their business at every stage. 

If your used to seeing the “mainframe” as a black-box where you only see a transaction submitted and a reply issued, then you recognize that this is just not enough. To maximize the user experience and optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your business application you need to know exactly how things are performing at every step, and that is why you need Nastel AutoPilot. 

Built leveraging decades of z/OS experience, AutoPilot for System Z monitors the operation of the z/OS environment, automatically detects trends in performance, issues early-warning alerts on potential problems and helps prevent user impact.


AutoPilot for System Z collects data from the z/OS system and analyzes it to determine system health. It automatically discovers, monitors and analyzes the performance of z/OS applications utilizing:

  • IBM WebSphere MQ (interactive and batch)
  • CICS Transaction Server
  • DB2
  • z/OS

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit Description
Real-time monitoring and analysis Identifies application performance trends  
Prebuilt reports for data analysis and troubleshooting Takes action to correct problems before there is impact  
Console capture for messages sent to the system log    
Identifies performance bottlenecks    
Provides proactive notification and automated actions based on user-defined policies    
Integration with AutoPilot AutoPilot provides early warning for application performance problems by correlating Fully integrated with the AutoPilot family to provide real-time monitoring of application performance across the mainframe, distributed and cloud environments.

The methods of operations, scale and experience of the staff on the mainframe platform have led to the mainframe and distributed platforms being managed in different ways. But massive business applications span all these systems, and so the business requires a consistent method of management. Without a shared view of the whole environment issues can arise that are hard to undertsand and resolve. 

Nastel (uniquely) provides the ability for the business and IT to bring the monitoring of the mainframe and the mainframe applications into focus, allowing every single transaction to be monitored in complete detail. Issues that without Nastel may take weeks of peoples time to debate, analyse and resolve and now immediately understood. This can significantly improve the customer experience and compliance while leading to immidiate and dramatic cost savings.

z/OS is the platform of choice for large enterprises who need to process a large volume of business transactions. Used by the most of the worlds banks, financial institutions, governments, large retailers, insurance companies and manufacturers. 

Platform Description:

Cloud and on-premise

Supported Platforms:

IBM WebSphere MQ
CICS Transaction Server


Nastel AutoPilot is the only solution to support all software and appliance based middleware technology requirements from the datacenter to the cloud.

No other tool offers its scope and breadth, analyzing z/OS, distributed and Cloud data by a proven virtual complex event processing (CEP) engine, designed for application performance monitoring and predictive analytics.