Datasheet: Nastel AutoPilot for JMX

Gain control of your Java applications

About Nastel AutoPilot for JMX

Autopilot JMX employs a simplified, intuitive graphical user interface Wizard that lets you instrument even complex job applications in minutes.

You simply point and click. It’s that fast and easy.

With Nastel AutoPilot/JMX you can manage and control all of your java applications with little or no need to ever access to source code.

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit Description
Rapid Instrumentation Rapid Instrumentation of Java applications using a straightforward GUI (graphical User Interfatce) Wizard
Monitoring and controlling JMX-enabled applications Monitoring and controlling any JMX-enabled applications with virtually no coding required
Integration Integration with Nastel AutoPilot’s sophisticated rules and notification engine.
Events and Alerts Generation of customized, context-relevant events, alerts and actions
Access attributes Access to Java application attributes and actions
Hosting Hosting customized JMX MBeans via its JMX agent

Nastel’s AutoPilot suite automatically monitors application processes at the most granular levels. From autopilot single enterprise-wide dashboard you have indexed visibility across your enterprise application infrastructure. Autopilot automatically detects and corrects errors and failures before they impact your application process flows.

AutoPilot also captures extensive information on application performance. It enables proactive performance tuning, load balancing and capacity planning to maximize the availability and reliability of your business applications.

Autopilot for JMX extends the powerful monitoring and control functions of auto pilot to all of your Java applications.

The Java management extension (JMX) is an application management interface supported by BEA WebLogic, IBM’s WebSphere application server and a wide variety of enterprise-class applications


Nastel AutoPilot/JMX gives you total control over all of your Java applications.