Datasheet: Nastel AutoPilot for DSS

360-degree situational awareness

About Nastel AutoPilot for DSS

The Nastel Decision Support System (DSS) combines Nastel’s ability to capture and store the widest range of operational system metrics from the entire IT ecosystem with details contained in inter and intra-application (middleware) messages into a business abstraction which can then be analyzed using business intelligence technology to proactively understand and predictively asses’ potential events. Nastel DSS is designed to reduce or eliminate IT war rooms and significantly improve MTTR and MTBF for businesses who rely on complex large-scale application stacks that encompass legacy, contemporary and leading-edge technologies.

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit Description
Proactive monitoring Identify events before they become serious Proactive monitoring allows you to see events early in their development and can take measures (either automatically or alert driven) to make changes and stop an event from becoming serious.
Predictive monitoring Identify the likelihood of an event happening in the future allowing risks to be reduced Predictive monitoring allows you to forecast future issues with increasing levels of accuracy and take decisive measures to avoid them ever happening.
Root cause analysis Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) Provides an abstracted view of processes that simplifies the process of identifying the root cause even for complex process flows

Rapidly identify the root cause of performance or availability related events. 

By collecting and storing historical system data which can be analysed to identify normal and abnormal conditions using a comprehensive series of machine learning (AI) technologies, and then comparing live data against this record, the likelihood of anomolous outcomes can be predicted, visualized and reported. Actions can then be considered to avoid future events and reduce the time it takes to understand and remediate any events that do occur.

The multi-billion dollar Business Intelligence (BI) market has become a service driven market, where million dollar service engagements have become the accepted method of adopting a business intelligence solution. We believe for decision support, there is a better way, where the business and technical users can directly question the data themselves, without the need for data science level scripting.

Platform Description:

Cloud based solution

Supported Platforms:

Data can be collected from the broadest range of infrastructures, platforms, middleware and applications, including databases, servers, clouds, IOT, mainframes, applicances, storage devices, log files, on-premise and cloud applicaions.