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Everything Changes when you start and end with the users experience

Nastel Technologies®
March 15, 2019
When you think about your Business Applications from the Perspective of your Users, Everything Changes.

There was a time when it was enough to monitor the performance of each business application and each disk drive and each server, but today’s complex environments make this no longer a viable method of understanding the performance, or availability of your systems from the perspective of the business.

At some point in the last decade your business (like all businesses) crossed a line and became an e-business. Now your entire business is enacted digitally. Your relationship with your customers and your suppliers on a daily basis is purely digital.

If the digital experience that your customers receive is less than they demand, they will find someone else. There was a time when those of us born before 1970 were shocked by the ability of millennials to interact entirely through their thumbs on a phone, now we all do it.

And this changes everything!

There was a time when it was okay to call a war-room meeting to discuss a user submitted support call indicating that they were unable to perform a specific function. And on these conference calls it was acceptable for fifty representatives of fifty different departments to all shout over each other to expound that their specific responsibility wasn’t the cause.

Those days are now long gone, and what is important is to quickly identify the root causes of a user issue and quickly implement the correct course of action. In-fact today’s operations teams are looking to predict potential issues before they happen and resolve them before they cause any noticeable impact.

Today’s operations teams demand machine learning driven artificial intelligence that monitors the streams of live data being collected from every part of the infrastructure, platforms and applications. It doesn’t matter if the systems are cloud based, on-premise, appliances, mainframes or IOT devices at the edge. If doesn’t matter if it’s a mix of microservices across a multitude of cloud architectures or batch processes running in CICS or across any number of databases.

What matters is that the users experience can be traced from beginning to end, and measured against the goals of the business (service levels or SLA’s). What matters is that normal behavior is understood dynamically and any variance from this can be predicted and prevented.

Nastel is leading the charge in delivering this next generation of technology, which some are calling AIOps. Today Nastel Technologies has AIOps solutions in production with Fortune 100 companies. This is not “marketeture” but delivered, implemented solutions to the problems of today and the future.

APM is now seen as just one of the underlying elements of AIOps. There are companies still struggling to build, maintain and regression test the scripts that must be in place to describe business as part of APM, but the smart money has moved on, AIOps is now able to truly deliver the highest levels of user satisfaction at the lowest cost, dynamically discovering, describing and visualizing the way business flows through your company and overlaying the performance data of each users and systems experience.

It’s a new day for operations, and Nastel is delivering something amazing.

Nastel Technologies is the global leader in Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M). It helps companies achieve flawless delivery of digital services powered by integration infrastructure by delivering tools for Middleware Management, Monitoring, Tracking, and Analytics to detect anomalies, accelerate decisions, and enable customers to constantly innovate, to answer business-centric questions, and provide actionable guidance for decision-makers. It is particularly focused on IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, Solace, TIBCO EMS, ACE/IIB and also supports RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Blockchain, IOT, DataPower, MFT, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and many more.


The Nastel i2M Platform provides:


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