For Those of Us About to Data, We Salute You!

For Those of Us About to Data, We Salute You!

For Those of Us About to Data, We Salute You!

The irony about elections is that they should be about important directional decisions and not emotions, but they are the one time when analytics and emotions become so entirely entwined that we never really know. For some people they become about wedge issues, while for others they become a philosophical soap box to stand upon and shout their opinions to the world, while for others they are deeply held tribal contests.

For me they are all about data, and I’m always looking for new ways to learn about how the populous is leaning. With the proliferation of social media platforms, it is now possible to visualize and analyze entire parts of the published consciousness of the people, and with the help of Nastel XRay we’ve done exactly that.  We’re ingesting all the tweets that include the words “biden” or “trump” and all the content of the reddit subreddit for politics, and using machine learning natural language processing we’re able to categorize this data in a number of unique ways.

From this we can calculate how much “the people” are gossiping about each candidate. If these mentions are positive or negative, and we can know where these comments are coming from geographically.

From this we can calculate a number of further criteria and create a real-time score card of how the country is thinking.

Sure, there is math in this, but it’s not scientific, as we are only looking at a small number of sources, but even this simple exercise provides an incredible amount of knowledge. If you see elections as a game or a sport, then this is going to be interesting.

Any type of machine data can be ingested and simply visualized and analyzed with Nastel XRay.

Have a look yourself!

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