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GoCypher – The New way to Search Blockchains

Imagine if you could search and analyze blockchain as easily as you search the internet?

Now you can!

Built on Nastel’s XRay Machine Learning and Analytics Platform, GoCypher provides you with a way to search through all the data in your public and private blockchains to discover critical signals that can help you predict and respond to the conditions of your markets.

Making Blockchain searcheable

If you are trading, auditing or research cyber currencies, imagine the value of being able to predict changes in buying or selling behavior based on real time and historical data that can be questioned simply.

Visualize blockchain data or series of blockchain meta data

If you are using IBM’s Hyperledger to track trades or items, imagine the value of being able to discover anomalies without the need to wait for your data science teams to provide you a report.

GoCypher provides incredible levels of data visualization and the ability to discover new insights by asking questions with the simplicity of search.

View and Analyze blockchain data in endless ways

The use cases are endless.

Join Albert Mavashev for a short introduction webcast, and get your free user account to be able to try it for yourself

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