GoCypher – Fast and Easy Blockchain Search and Analytics

The New Way to Search and Analyze Blockchains

Index, analyze and visualize blockchain transactions. Monitor flow of digital tokens and assets across public blockchains. Quickly analyze portfolios of digital assets on Ethereum blockchain. See digital token performance and rankings.

Built on Nastel’s XRay® Machine Learning and analytics platform, GoCypher provides you with a way to search through all the data in your public and private blockchains and discover critical signals and trends.

Build your apps using our search and analytics API for cryptocurrency data

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GoCypher Capabilities

Public blockchainsSearch & Analyze Public Blockchains; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Libra (testnet) and much more.
Private blockchainsBlockchain search & Analysis; Monitor, Search and Analyze your own blockchains business applications, including those built on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and IBM Blockchain Platform.
Ad-hoc blockchain searchesAd-hoc searches based on time, user defined patterns using CyQL (GoCypher query language)
Complex aggregationsRun complex aggregations and statistical analysis using CyQL
Machine learningRun machine learning algorithms on top of blockchain data set
REST APIGoCypher REST API end-points are secure, encrypted via SSL and require generation of API key
ClusteredFully redundant, high performance clustered infrastructure
Token analyticsMeasure supply and demand, liquidity, velocity, as well your own custom indicators for digital crypto-assets