HIPAA Compliance and rapid claims processing enable high quality patient care.

Nastel customers utilize AutoPilot to monitor healthcare applications such as electronic medical records, claims processing and the Blue Squared medical records central repository created and monitored by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Monitoring the Health of Healthcare IT can boost the bottom line for providers.

– Improved HIPAA compliance.

– Higher quality patient care.

– Reduced IT costs.

Success Stories

Blue2: Multi-Purpose Patient Data

Nastel AutoPilot’s application performance monitoring is used to monitor the Blue2 (Blue Squared) application and its Web Service, Java, HTTP WMQ and SQL transactions. Healthcare organizations are often using more than one software platform to leverage electronic-data communication for insurance claims, pharmaceutical treatments, doctor-patient and doctor-doctor interaction and require a consistent monitoring platform to ensure the availability of this data. Blue2 is a medical records central repository administrated by the BCBSA. Medical records are submitted to Blue2 and matched to appropriate claims. The Local Plan sends Blue2 transactions to the Home Plan. The Home Plan receives medical records with corresponding claim information – available in real-time. AutoPilot is used here to achieve four objectives: performance and availability visibility in real-time, diagnostics and development support. AutoPilot was selected for this based on its abilities to track in real-time using message payload to guide transaction correlation.

BJC Healthcare: Monitoring Patient Data Transmissions – Electronic Medical Records – HIPAA Compliance

Nastel AutoPilot® is used by leading providers to reduce the complexity in monitoring the capturing, warehousing and transmitting of patient data in a healthcare setting. As electronic-records and revenue-cycle management software platforms ramp up, the need for an efficient transaction-monitoring strategy will correlate to the increasing volume of patient information available electronically. Healthcare providers are turning to Nastel Technologies’ AutoPilot® application performance monitoring solution to keep IT operational costs low by providing the deep visibility necessary to control processes in a way that accounts for glitches, error queues, broken applications and other normal accidents through predictive alerting and problem prevention.

Claims Processing

Many of the Blue Cross Blue Shield’s utilize AutoPilot to monitor their claims processing and in accordance with HIPAA regulations, help customers with their regulatory and compliance issues by safeguarding data as it is transmitted. AutoPilot is used specifically to reduce the mean-time-to-know (MTTK) about problems that impact or might impact this key application. Most of these firms have strictly enforced compliance requirements including Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Not meeting SLAs can lead to revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction.

Healthcare Goods

A leading healthcare product manufacturer uses AutoPilot to monitor the manufacturing process for their healthcare products. AutoPilot monitors IBM iSeries computers running WebSphere and tracks MQ message flows between a warehouse maintenance application and another application that tracks the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished goods.


How we do it


Nastel AutoPilot’s automated discovery and real-time analytics provide deep visibility, delivering unified visualization on a single pane of glass. This is done across all infrastructure tiers:
– Distributed
– Middleware
– Mainframe


Nastel AutoPilot automatically correlates (stitch) all transactions and messages across tiers into meaningful end-to-end transactions, optionally based on payload visibility.

It captures all message payloads for both real-time and historical analysis.

Simple Proactive Analytics

Built-in, real-time analytics handles millions of events per second using Complex Event Processing implemented on an active data grid for transparent scaling and high availability AutoPilot evaluates situations comprised of relevant application performance indicators in-memory as they happen, essential for compliance monitoring where there isn’t a second to spare