IBM MQ Monitoring & Management

The dependability and performance of your enterprise application ecosystem rests upon the availability of robust middleware capabilities—which in turn require powerful tools to manage them. We are the MQ Doctor®.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for IBM MQ supports the needs of hundreds of global enterprises and thousands of users that demand scalable high performance solutions coupled with cutting-edge features, ease-of-use, and minimal IT resource requirements.

Nastel AutoPilot for MQ

Nastel AutoPilot for MQ provides the industries deepest pro-active and real-time MQ monitoring of queues, channels, managers, listeners and queue statistics while simultaneously managing DLQs (Dead Letter Queues) and providing self service capabilities (allowing your development, QA and Operations teams to manage their own queues), message tracking, MQ configuration management and capacity planning in a single easy to use solution for IBM MQ. Nastel AutoPilot for MQ lowers your operational risk while improving user experience and reducing support costs, including Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).


IBM MQ Visibility and Management

Auto-discovery of all IBM MQ objects and their state

Proactive analytics reduces the frequency and duration of outages

Policy-driven approach ends false alarms, improving productivity

Message Tracking

Visualize IBM MQ messages or transactions or messages (and other technologies) along with the resources they interact with

Automatically track messages transferred over IBM MQ that when committed, complete a logical unit of work (LUW)

Transaction performance is compared to SLAs (service level agreements); violations generate alerts

Isolate problems and perform root-cause analysis

Nastel XRay for MQ

AIOps for your MQ environment


Automatic Anomaly Detection

Automatically computed upper and lower bands (normal bands)

Bands dynamically auto-adjust without ever setting thresholds

Instant anomaly detection when event duration or count exceeds a band limit

Analysis of Events

Detect the IBM MQ events that are causing the greatest impact to a business application

“Top 10” best, worst, longest or shortest event analysis make it easy to prioritize what must be done to restore service levels

Nastel Navigator for MQ

Nastel’s Navigator gives you the visibility and diagnostics of MQ objects and messages you need to address your MQ issue. All within a web browser.


Filter the Big Picture

Understand the details needed to make the best decisions in seconds

Single-click drilldown to the details needed to quickly solve a problem

Score IBM MQ Events

Instantly determine issues and score them for prioritization

Problems are categorized by user needs

Self-service for IBM MQ

Provide stakeholders with self-service access to IBM MQ; retain full control over what they can see and do via safe and secure role assignment and policy

Middleware team avoids interruption when different groups need access to IBM MQ. DevOps can utilize IBM MQ for testing, replaying, and manipulating messages to better replicate production problems
Self-service access is done via a standard web browser without a local installation

A Single Point of Control over Middleware Infrastructure

With Nastel’s® Navigator Middleware management, you can control and monitor your middleware from a single pane of glass.

It provides a unified way to support permissions, user access and re-certification

Enables powerful rules to be created that monitor the environment without the need for support staff to constantly monitor screens/dashboards

Provides unified approach to enterprise monitoring that is end-to-end

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