Every day, enterprises rely upon many thousands or hundreds of thousands of managed file transfers (MFTs) that underlie myriad business functions.

This represents a huge amount of information in numerous data formats being shuttled across IT applications, storage devices, file queues, and databases. Frequently, these transfers involve sensitive data like company sales reports, payroll information, HR profiles, contracts, images, and much more.

If file transfers are lost or delayed as they transit your IT infrastructure, business processes can grind to a halt, with major compliance and business continuity consequences.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for MFT provides the means to monitor, track, and maintain this vital flow of information, in real-time.

Critical Nature of MFTs

Even when proven middleware messaging technologies (such as IBM MQ, IIB, DataPower, MFT, etc.) perform the actual transfer of file data, significant bottlenecks and outright failures still occur, with a number of immediate consequences:

  • Fallback to slow, error-prone manual processes – productivity suffers when IT personnel are forced to perform tedious manual file transfers, write custom processing scripts, or find missing files without software automation assistance
  • Lack of visibility – without deep file tracking capabilities, IT personnel cannot quickly locate critical files lost or delayed in-transit, or show a cohesive transfer trail for internal auditors and compliance officers
  • Security threats – recent studies show no one is safe from multi-million-dollar security breaches, and the pressure is greater than ever to maximize security of file transfers


  • A Complete Tracking Solution – Nastel’s deep, real-time file monitoring and transaction tracking capabilities span disparate technologies in a single, easy-to-use solution. Stop troublesome file transfer problems by leveraging Nastel’s® AutoPilot® exceptional monitoring and transaction tracking functionality for IBM MQ-centric infrastructures as well as proprietary or other third-party transfer technologies (via plug-in software instrumentation)
  • The Visibility You Need – locate, track, identify, and correct delayed and lost file transfers instantly with deep monitoring of file transfer queues, statistics, and transaction tracking
  • Immediate ROI – predictive analytics plus anomaly detection and root-cause analysis automation greatly reduces the frequency of delayed or stalled file transfers. Prevent SLA violations, recover lost files, and resolve transfer issues fast
  • Slash Operational Risk – AutoPilot settles file transfer issues before internal users are inconvenienced and business processes are disrupted
  • Cut Support Costs – resolve problems faster and with fewer IT resource demands

Nastel’s Solution Approach

Restoring confidence in critical MFT processes involves establishing reliable, high-performance tracking of all file data movements and communicating essential information to stakeholders. General tasks performed by Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for MFT are summarized below:

  • Tracking MFTs
    • Intercept all data movement across complex technology landscape
    • Connect MFT transfers with all downstream events: MFT, MQ, Broker, etc.
    • Apply SLAs and business objectives; generate notifications
    • Provide ability to search based on filename or other MFT attributes
  • Visual dashboard
    • Show topology and performance of all MFT transactions
    • Map MFTs to datacenter/IT topology (servers, storage)

MFT dashboard showing summary information and file transfer topology

  • Big Data repository to handle large data volumes
    • Collect history and provide search, retention, and compliance functions
  • Instrumentation of all MFT infrastructure
    • MQ, MFT, IIB (Broker), IBM Sterling, etc.
  • Show files by types, source and destination
  • Show failed transfers and transactions
    • Show transfer topology visualization—across all technologies—as well as reasons for transfer failures
    • Map MFT to datacenter components (server, storage, etc.)
  • Show MFT performance
    • Trigger SLA violations and notifications
  • Retain scalability to monitor millions of transactions per day
  • Provide ability to find each and every transfer and its last state


If proven answers to challenging MFT performance and efficiency issues are at the top of your list of requirements, turn to Nastel. For more information, contact us at info@nastel.com for more information.