Improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for the insurance industry

Industry leading insurance providers are implementing Nastel AutoPilot’s Business Transaction Performance™ solution in order to ensure they can achieve their strategic goals of providing excellent customer service and improving operational efficiency. Nastel AutoPilot® is used by major insurance providers to enhance operational control and provide a framework for business performance assessment and reporting.

Nastel AutoPilot

AutoPilot® is currently being used for:
– Production problem-detection and resolution
– User acceptance testing
– Track and find transactions (e.g. claims)
– Compliance
– Capacity Planning
– Reducing trouble tickets

Nastel AutoPilot ®

With Nastel AutoPilot®, insurance companies are continuously monitoring service levels in real-time.

Nastel AutoPilot’s built in Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine analyzes the events and metrics it receives.

From the patterns it detects, it can provide early warning about potential problems before they impact the user and disrupt business processes. This enables insurance companies to prevent problems such as batch processing of the previous month’s data not finishing and preventing agents on the first day of the month from using a critical application.

Nastel AutoPilot’s CEP engine is reducing the mean-time-to-know (MTTK) for problems. Now, proactively problems can be resolved by automated responses. In effect, these firms are using AutoPilot to prevent problems. As a result, customer service increases at the same time operational costs decrease.

Improving insurance customer satisfaction

 is often directly related to the application performance user’s experience. Performance problems can often be related to new versions of applications or scalability issues as your business grows and the load increases. With insurance IT’s requirement to improve business process execution, it needs the visibility to see the applications that implement these business processes, find their bottlenecks and relieve them. Using AutoPilot®, Nastel’s insurance customers were able to improve application performance and thus improve the service delivered to customers, both internal and on-line.

Nastel AutoPilot® monitors the business transaction execution through all required software, hardware and network components, enabling quick pinpointing and resolution of problems with both traditional and on-line application processing: underwriting, customer, policy, claim, claim resolution, carrier, agent, agency and external fulfillment systems.

Nastel AutoPilot® helps its insurance customers monitor the performance of all components in the execution chain and ensure the availability and performance of critical business applications.

This comprehensive coverage that Nastel AutoPilot® provides helps reduce outages, performance slow-downs, business process disruption and enables more effective usage of support personnel. These benefits greatly reduce operational expenses.

Nastel AutoPilot® provides insurance companies visibility and control over business-critical systems and applications 


Underwriting and Rating
Real-time quotations
Institutional Finance & Governance
Service portals for agents
Self-service (including on-line policy servicing)
Contact Center & CRM interfaces
Carrier/Agency/External interfaces