A Brief Video Introduction to the Nastel Solution for Middleware Management

In these short videos, Scott Corrigan from Nastel Technologies will present some of the key functions and uses of Nastel’s products for Messaging Middleware

Nastel Navigator

In this short introduction video, you will see how Nastel Navigator manages middleware, delivering global management of your entire middleware environment and providing your admins with the ability to securely deliver self-service to your development and QA teams. 

Do more, faster, more securely.

Self Service for IBM MQ, Kafka, TIBCO EMS.

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Nastel AutoPilot

In this short video you will learn how Nastel AutoPilot delivers Real time Monitoring, Alerting and Automated Actions.

End–to–end monitoring of all machine data.
Intelligent alerting.
Automation solving performance issues.

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Nastel XRay

In this short video you will see how Nastel XRay delivers predictive analytics, reporting and visualization of your entire business through your application stack.

Visualization of application processes.
Using the intelligence from within messaging middleware to present a technical or business view of a user’s engagement.
Tracing Transactions.
Tracking Transactions.
Root Cause Analysis.

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Scott Corrigan

Vice President of Technology Services
Nastel Technologies