Living the COVID-19 Dream!

Living the COVID-19 Dream!

Living the COVID-19

COVID-19 – I’m sitting in my home office in Manhattan looking down at the street, and all I can see is delivery trucks. FedEx, UPS, USPS, and one from Amazon, and there are bicycles pulling trailers full of boxes, which I guess are orders from local restaurants and shops being delivered.

The city has mandated that restaurants can only serve delivery and take out orders. So I suspect Seamless is about to have their best month of business ever.

My email inbox is full of messages from every retailer I’ve ever used telling me they are closing their doors for several weeks, but are still trading online.

Every order today is going to be an online order. The volume of online e-business over the coming weeks will be higher than ever before.

Department stores (such as Bloomingdales) have always offered online shopping, but I wonder how serious they were about it, when online was a small percentage of their business?

Now that the only business is e-business, can they handle the web traffic, the online ordering and shipping and can they handle the increases in returns as people who are used to shopping in-store now feel the need to order 3 sizes of a piece of clothing with the expectation that they will return the ones that don’t fit.

It’s one thing to think of your online presence as a project for future growth, it’s another when all of a sudden it becomes your prime business process.

Application availability and application performance are this week’s critical success factor for almost every business, in ways that they never were before.

And at the same time when bricks and mortar stores are seen as persona non grata, the very people who manage online systems and develop applications around the world are having to work from their home offices.

How easy is it to make a change to a complex business application when instead of pulling a dozen department staff into a meeting room or a conference call, you now have to deal with the sound of home schooled children and barking dogs in the background, while every employee struggles to be their own IT department and get their Wi-Fi working at optimum speed when they are perched at the kitchen table.

The challenges every business faces during this time and more subtle than we ever expect.

There are (of course) some basic things that a business can do to improve their ability to manage application and infrastructure change.

Here at Nastel we’re focused on exploiting the hidden business knowledge stored within messaging middleware systems. And we have a number of innovative tricks that can help developers and operations teams through these times.

You’ll be amazed what we’ve learned over the years that can improve operations, application development, business performance and availability.

If you’re looking for an edge during these trying times, call us!

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