Making the WarRoom, A Thing of the Past

Solving Endless War Rooms

One of the most destructive and time-consuming activities that any company has to handle in the reactive war room. These are the meetings called in response to a performance issue reported by a customer, where every department associated with the entire application-stack is called to either a physical meeting or a conference call to be part of the process of understanding what has happened.

In war room meetings everyone comes with information about their specific systems, and its normal for everyone to state that their specific system is working nominally and is not the cause of the performance issue.

Eventually these meetings lead to a senior leader raising their voice and using a series of choice expletives to express that it really doesn’t matter whose fault it is, just that the perceived issue must be resolved immediately. Then generally after many hours of further discussion a root cause is identified, that is normally associated with many different systems running just at the edge of their performance envelope causing the overall issue, and an action plan is initiated to take remedial action to solve the immediate issue.

Attendees to these meetings know that these meetings are not just lengthy, but painfully political, often having dozens if not hundreds of participants all justifying their lack of culpability.

Then the meeting moves from triage to CAPA (corrective action / Preventative action) analysis. And then after several weeks of further work a report is generated that outlines what happened and what action will be taken to avoid this ever happening again.

360 degree situational analysis

The whole war room process is a departure from efficient and effective business, and anything that can be done to avoid them ever happening is considered a worthwhile endeavor.

Nastel Technologies is the global leader in helping IT remove war rooms from their business. By exploiting the inherent knowledge within the messages passing through message middleware environments and then overlaying performance data on their processes, Nastel Technologies is able to deliver to IT and the business a 360 degree situational analysis solution that can visualize each users experience as it passes through the entire application stack. By combining real time monitoring with historical data and machine learning techniques, Nastel Technologies is able to present the user experience of each transaction performed by each user visually and identify deviance from normal both pro-actively and predictively.

And there are things that can be done to avoid nearly every single war room, and those that do have to take place can be reduced from thousands of man-hours of work to short command and control meetings.

The root cause of any issue as well as the likelihood of a future issue can be highlighted allowing for a single view of the truth to be presented and any issue remediated. In most cases issues can be avoided entirely because the early indicators of a future event allow for action to be taken before the event actually happens.

With Nastel Technologies IT, Operations, Developers and the Business are saved from war rooms, it’s that simple.

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