Unraveling the Mystery: How to predict Application Performance Problems

Download: Unraveling the Mystery: How to predict Application Performance Problems

A recent poll of top IT managers in large multi-national companies revealed that the number one challenge facing companies with highly complex application environments, especially those that are a mix of SOA and legacy EAI infrastructures, is spotting incipient problems, zeroing in on the root cause and fixing them fast to meet increasingly strict SLAs.

AutoPilot M6 today helps some of the world’s largest banks, financial services companies, insurance providers and retail chains do just that.

Averting Failures

Anticipating a major implementation of an enterprise application, a leading European automotive company installed AutoPilot. Just three days later, AutoPilot alerted them to a critical outage in their WebSphere environment – before any processes were impacted – averting major system and business service outages.

Improving Service

When tracking conformance to service level agreements (SLAs) became a top priority for one of the largest banks in the US, they added AutoPilot’s transaction monitoring capabilities to their existing AutoPilot implementation. Within a matter of days, AutoPilot provided both the ability to see the entire business process from end-to-end, and the views correlating and measuring the round trip execution time and at each hop along the way. This gave them the control they needed to ensure the performance levels of crucial applications required to meet their new SLAs.

Improving Performance

One of the UK’s oldest and largest department store chains deployed AutoPilot M6 to manage business transaction and application performance. Within a day’s time, AutoPilot was providing end-to-end monitoring of two of their enterprise applications, giving business users a complete round trip view of a critical business process. With this new insight, they were able to make some minor shifts in workload balance to dramatically improve transaction performance and reduce response times.

Achieving A New Level of Agility

An agency of a US State government brought in AutoPilot M6 to control their Java applications. The application support team was able to begin monitoring and managing a critical application running in their J2EE environment in less than 30 minutes. Not only that, but they got this complex application under control with minimal effort and without training.

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