Middleware Monitoring & Management

Use the solution employed by the world’s largest middleware environments
to ensure the performance and reliability of business-critical enterprise applications.


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No vendor fields a more comprehensive, high-performance monitoring solution that spans more enterprise
technology stacks than Nastel. No one.

As today’s enterprise IT environments have grown steadily in complexity over the last decade, so too has reliance upon sophisticated middleware communications backbones. They act as the central nervous system for complex business application ecosystems spanning mainframes, distributed systems, cloud platforms, and the mobile universe.

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Middleware’s vital role as “application glue” continues to swell every year. Its utilization footprint continues to grow as it expands beyond traditional services such as enterprise service buses and message-oriented middleware—provided by traditional vendors like IBM and TIBCO—to the latest stream processing platforms such as Apache Kafka, designed to handle high-volume real-time data feeds.

Given middleware’s position as a critical foundation block for digital services makes end-to-end performance monitoring more important than ever. Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for Middleware is an easily scaled, unified, enterprise-grade monitoring solution that spans multiple technologies such as:

  • IBM MQ family of products
  • Apache Kafka, Spark, and STORM
  • Java