AutoPilot Insight provides the broad array of capabilities needed by developers, IT admins, and business analysts for enterprise-grade operations intelligence and APM.

According to Charley Rich, VP Product Management “The new release fuses predictive anomaly and machine learning capabilities, business transaction tracking that spans corporate firewalls, raw information handling and analytics speed, and the flexibility to operate across dynamic IT environments—from mobile to mainframe. It provides the broad array of capabilities needed by developers, IT admins, and business analysts for enterprise-grade operations intelligence and APM.”

Rich said building a solution that fully addresses today’s client requirements demanded two years of ground-up product re-engineering. “Customers universally remarked that they needed to find data outliers faster and sense problem conditions before they actually affect users. They also wanted more powerful end-to-end transaction tracking capabilities, with the ability to tie transaction performance to business outcomes.”

With this guidance, Nastel added new anomaly detection capabilities based upon proven open source machine learning algorithms, which the firm improved and extended into real-time “smart” analytics. Over time, AutoPilot Insight rapidly improves at predicting, sensing, and evaluating the exact nature of performance issues.

Transaction tracking also was improved, giving IT users a precise microscope to identify problems, quickly resolve issues, and tie transaction performance directly to business performance through business objective reports.

“Enhancing our grid processing technology,” Rich continued, “was absolutely necessary to analyze insights in-memory from fast data—high-velocity streaming information with short-term value generated from a large multitude of IT infrastructure devices and instrumentation sources. Potential use cases include almost any industry vertical where detected data outliers demand fast decisions and interventions. Some examples include actual or potential financial system security breaches, supply chain issues that potentially cascade rapidly into major delivery problems affecting customers…the list is almost endless.”

Rounding out the new release’s capabilities are innovative mobile-centric features. Enriched by complementary anomaly detection, machine learning and business objective capabilities, mobile analysts can understand app user behavior and satisfaction far faster, leveraging real-time insights to improve services quickly without the burden of writing mobile instrumentation and analysis code.

AutoPilot Insight is not just for IT technologists, Rich stresses. “Nastel improved ease-of-use and out-of-the-box functionality for everyone, including non-technical business users. By adding intuitive workflows plus wizards, use-case templates, and dashboard launch-pad features, the net result is an extremely fast and capable APM platform that serves the analysis and reporting needs of everyone from developers, IT admins, telecom managers, and business analysts.”

Rich concluded: “The time of an IT admin sitting in a datacenter staring at metrics from a simple mix of technology assets has passed. AutoPilot Insight 2.0 provides insights to a wide variety of users through an APM solution that fuses high-performance data handling, sophisticated real-time smart analytics, and the ability to operate across diverse IT technology stacks and components. With intuitive visualizations garnered from massive amounts of information, the day of APM infometrics has arrived.”

About Nastel Technologies
Nastel Technologies helps large enterprises collect, analyze, track, and visualize data from virtually any source, from mobile to mainframe. It extracts business value in the form of insights that improve business process performance and enable fast problem resolution. With use cases from financial services to healthcare and telecommunications, Nastel’s enterprise-grade AutoPilot solutions encompass deep real-time monitoring, transaction tracking, and analytics. Spanning applications, middleware, transactions, end-user experience, logs, and mobile services, Nastel is the answer for your toughest APM and operations intelligence challenges.

Nastel is privately held and headquartered in New York, with offices in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany and Mexico, with an additional network of partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. For more information, visit