Nastel AutoPilot Software Plug In (SPI) for WebSphere MQ for HP Software

Monitor and manage IBM WebSphere MQ (MQ Series)environments from the convenience of your Operations Center management platform

Nastel AutoPilot Software Plug In (SPI) for WebSphere MQ for HP Software

Manage WebSphere MQ From Your Operations Center Console With Nastel’s Certified Smart Plug-in for HP Operations Center
Fully integrated with Operations Center, the AutoPilot/ WMQ SPI functions as a natural extension to your Operations Center
environment. It gives you the advantage of a single point of control over your entire enterprise IT infrastructure from within your Operations Center console.

Through AutoPilot/WMQ SPI, you get complete access to all WebSphere MQ nodes including those not supported by the
Operations agent, such as OS/390, z/ OS, MVS and OS/400


Features and Benefits :

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Increased visibility Automatically discovers your entire WMQ environment

Single Console

Increased visibility

Automatically discovers your entire WMQ environment


Improved Management

Lets you monitor the health of your WMQ
queues and channels end-to-end from
your Operations Center console

Configuration management

Reduce complexity of management

Configures and controls WMQ objects
such as queue managers, channels,
messages and processes and
generates configuration reports

Automatic Detection

Rapid Response

Automatically detects and flags problems within WMQ in real-time and displays on
your Operations Center console

Root Cause Analysis

Reduce the complexity of problem
identification and resolution

Drills down with laser precision to the
root cause and resolves from your
Operations Center console

Event management

Process automation

Creates events automatically based on
conditions and thresholds or through
operator-initiated actions, with email or
pager notification

Policy and templates

Rapidly generates environment-specific
policy and templates

Queue depth warnings

Simplifies management

Automatically issues queue depth warnings for dead letter and other local queues

Log management

Simplifies log management

Displays WMQ logs on demand and lets
you monitor and trim the size of log files
that exceed the threshold


Many of the world’s most sophisticated IT environments rely on IBM’s WebSphere MQ (WMQ) middleware to integrate business applications. Many best-of-breed focused IT shops also employ HP Operations Center for high level enterprise systems management.

If your IT environment includes Operations Center and WMQ, you know that both are integral components of a highly effective yet complex IT infrastructure. Operations Center alone, however, does not give you visibility into or control over the business-critical WMQ environment .

Expanded Services From Your Existing Management Operations

AutoPilot/WMQ SPI enriches the potential of your HP Operations Center enterprise. Its tight, seamless integration with Operations Center allows you to continue to build on the investment you’ve already made in your infrastructure.

Nastel’s AutoPilot/WMQ SPI saves you time and money. A production-proven out-of-the-box solution, it deploys quickly and easily into your Operations Center environment.

AutoPilot/WMQ SPI supports both the Operations Center and NNM consoles to help you ensure high availability and reliability for all of the integrated applications that drive your business

In today’s highly competitive, fast-paced world, business happens in real-time. An interrupted transaction, slow system response, a stalled process, or anything that interferes with your business processes costs you revenue and customers.

Ensuring peak business process performance requires instant on-demand access to key operational performance metrics. You need consolidated high-level views of the overall health of all of your critical business processes.


cloud and/or on-premise


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