Nastel AutoPilot® for Oracle Database

Extend Visibility – Expand Control

Nastel AutoPilot® for Oracle

Nastel AutoPilot® for Oracle Database lets you add Oracle processes to this centralized big-picture view of your application infrastructure. Nastel AutoPilot® for Oracle Database is an extensible data collector that automatically gathers information in real-time on Oracle-based application processes.

Nastel AutoPilot® for Oracle Database enables real-time visibility from AutoPilot® M6’s consolidated dashboard into the performance and health of business application processes that flow across Oracle systems. Nastel AutoPilot® gives you a single, convenient point of visibility and control over your entire environment end-to-end, including:

– Business Transactions
– Databases, like Oracle
– Middleware
– Applications and Application Servers
– Integrated Applications
– Operating Systems

Nastel AutoPilot® for Oracle Database is non-intrusive, utilizing intelligent sensors to automatically collect information about Oracle servers and their components without affecting the database.

The modularized sensors track database performance and utilization by monitoring table accesses, transaction response times, database extends, concurrent sessions, SGA and rollbacks.

Easily customizable business views graphically display process status and performance metrics.


Features and Benefits :

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Easily customizable business views

Graphically display process status and performance metrics explicitly tailored to the needs of individuals or groups of users, based on their job functions and your business needs

Correlate events from Oracle databases with events from any
other system

Foresee and prevent application performance problems before they occur.


Nastel AutoPilot® is designed with a flexible, extensible Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows you to tailor the solution that’s perfectly matched to your application environment.

Nastel AutoPilot® for Oracle Dat abase and other technology-specific Nastel® solutions can be added as needed to extend control over a broader range of existing technologies.

cloud and/or on-premise


IBM WebSphere Message Broker


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