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AutoPilot ensures the performance and availability you need to be competitive, handle demand and deliver superior service in our high volume, low margin retail world. Today’s retail, whether brick and mortar, online or both is driven by applications. Applications enable competitive advantage and profitability via just-in-time ordering which keeps inventory relevant and carrying costs low.


AutoPilot monitors the flow of application activities, messages and transactions across the entire order process. It provides real-time monitoring and analytics that detect anomalies before your customers do enabling cost-effective problems prevention. Its automatic analytics can eliminate false alarms while it ensures your compliance with SLAs.

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Best Buy
Best Buy Canada
Debenhams Plc
Officemax Inc.
TJX Companies

Success Stories

Business Transaction Management for Major International Retailer

Helps to Ensure the ‘Price is Right’ by Drastically Improving Efficiency and Cost Savings During Peak Retail Season.


Unaware of Lost Order – Not Anymore!

Just because they were not aware of the lost orders that were occurring, did not mean that they weren’t losing orders. This large retailer learned a valuable lesson despite losing millions of dollars in orders.


About AutoPilot for Retail

From mobile apps to enterprise payment systems, retail business services depend upon fast and seamless exchanges of electronic business transactions. When transaction performance lags, business suffers. Nastel’s® AutoPilot® tracks, analyzes, and visualizes the status and integrity of every transaction, from end-to-end, enabling fast problem resolution before users are affected.

See Your Business Performance

 Real-time message and transaction flow visualization provides instant awareness of any emerging performance issues that can negatively impact your business.

Cut Costs By Reducing Incidents

Slash the frequency, duration, and impact of incidents with real-time monitoring and automated trending that eliminates false alarms and detects issues before users notice them.

Understand How Transaction Flows Affect Your Business in Real-Time

 Discover and track transactions, “stitching” or correlating them together in real-time across distributed systems, mainframes and corporate firewalls.

Rapid Root-Cause Analysis

When problems do occur, instantly uncover the root-cause of problems with tracking that provides the visibility and detail necessary to begin immediate remediation.

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