Nastel AutoPilot for Solace

Nastel AutoPilot for Solace

Collect information from the Solace appliance

Nastel AutoPilot for Artemis Arctive MQ

A key part of many middleware solutions is the Solace Messaging Appliance, a hardware and software-based approach to
middleware messaging. Nastel AutoPilot for Solace collects information from the appliance using Solace Element Management
Protocol (SEMP) and can monitor multiple appliances.

Nastel AutoPilot for Solace combines monitoring of software components of the Solace environment with the hardware inventory and assets (blades, power modules, fans) to provide a complete Solace monitoring solution.

Features and Benefits


Monitor Solace

Deliver leading-edge levels of
monitoring to Solace


Wide range of Metrics

Metrics include: appliance specifications,
appliance incoming/ outgoing data
statistics, Cache and cache-level
statistics, Router clients, Hardware
properties and specifications, Router
queues, List of VPNs and VPN- level
statistics and Current/max messages


Consistently Monitor Multiple Middleware Environments

Nastel AutoPilot is the only solution to support all software and appliance based middleware technology requirements: Solace, TIBCO EMS and RV, IBM MQ, IBM DataPower and home-grown solutions


The challenge that businesses who leverage middleware, including Solace as the nervous system of their application infrastructure
all face is the need to consolidate their tools and provide a single monitoring solution across all middleware.

The view above shows Solace appliance health and configurable graphs of appliance performance over time


Available as On-Premise, Cloud and SaaS

Supported Environments

Solace Systems Messaging Appliance

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