Nastel Case Study – State Government Replaces Candle with Nastel AutoPilot

State Government Tells Why They Replaced Candle with Nastel AutoPilot

Recently a state government replaced Candle’s PathWAI with Nastel’s AutoPilot for monitoring their distributed WebSphere MQ infrastructure, and described their experiences with each of these solutions as follows:

“AutoPilot Policies are much better than Candle’s Situations. We are able to track much deeper data, and its easier for us to monitor what relevant and important to us. Policies are much easier to build, and in general AutoPilot gives us much more flexibility to adapt the rules and conditions to our needs and to correlate events with one another.

“We like Autopilot’s entire user interface much better than Candle’s. The layout is much more intuitive, the navigation is more straightforward, and drilling down into issues is easier.

“Autopilot’s correlated monitoring of other processes that are related to MQ, such as the Trigger monitor and Lister processes, have been a huge advantage for us with AutoPilot that we didn’t have with Candle. Before we had AutoPilot for example, if the Queue Manager was up but the Trigger monitor was down, messages would just lay in the queue without any warning.

Already, AutoPilot has proven to consistently do a good job watching out for those kinds of things.”

State Government