Nastel Case Study – State Agency Tells How AutoPilot Met All Their Requirements

State Agency Tells How AutoPilot Met All Their Requirements

“We needed the ability to meet service level agreements, provide real-time trending, and provide historical analysis of system health and traffic patterns across WMQ, internally developed Java applications, Weblogic, and all of the OS platform all these run on. “

“AutoPilot/WMQ product met all requirements for monitoring and administrating Websphere MQ, and is best of breed in this space. The Nastel AutoPilot/JMX product is unique and unmatched by any other product in the market. No other product combines ease of use, robust development tool and flexible deployment options. Other products in the JMX market space ship with either a development tool or a management/administration tool, but not both. Here, Nastel excels by providing a complete solution ‘out of the box.’”

“During the proof of concept, application administration and monitoring was achieved in less than 30 minutes. No other solution was even close to achieving this level functionality so quickly.”

“Nastel AutoPilot/IT is recommended because it is the only known and evaluated product suite that demonstrated the ability to address all of our monitoring and management requirements. The AutoPilot/IT product provides web based, distributed monitoring capabilities, as well as providing a central console for any network-attached device. Additional functionality was realized with AutoPilot’s ability to monitor the server OS, and it’s ability to monitor Weblogic application servers. No other product suite provided such a complete solution out of the box. “

“The cost savings identified by the recommended product solution set are enormous. It is expected that the equivalent of two full-time contractors would no longer be required to monitor and administrate the ACME MI. In addition, true 24×7 management of the MI can finally be realized.”

“Nastel appears in both Management Suites and Best of Breed sections due to the unique capabilities of its product offerings. AutoPilot/IT product suite is the only product suite that could monitor, administrate and manage all components of a server (OS, MQ, and JAVA). Robust and flexible reporting capabilities are included with AutoPilot. We are very impressed Nastel’s supportive and responsive sales and support personnel.”

“AutoPilot’s JMX abilities exceeded our requirements significantly, and have far greater functionality than, and is vastly superior to anything else we looked at. The team was able to monitor and manage one of our Java application in less than 30 minutes, with minimal effort. No other product was able to do so much in so little time, requiring no training of existing staff. In addition, the same JMX solution can be leveraged to monitor and manage the Weblogic “application server platform and related objects.”