Transactions spanning the distributed and zOS worlds are profiled

MELVILLE, NY (February 2, 2010) – Nastel Technologies, a premier global provider of business transaction performance™ (BTP™) solutions for mission-critical applications spanning both the distributed and mainframe tiers, today announced that AutoPilot TransactionWorks® has upgraded its CICS capability to support IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS 4.1. This is IBM’s latest release of its mainframe transaction platform. Nastel developed its integration with CICS 4.1 in collaboration with its partner IBM at their Innovation Center in Dallas. Available immediately, Nastel’s AutoPilot TransactionWorks® has the ability to discover, track and profile the performance of transactions in CICS 4.1 on z/OS 1.9 and later releases.

AutoPilot TransactionWorks, an application performance management solution, is the only product that provides auto-discovery and performance management of multi-tiered transactions spanning from the application servers to the database to distributed middleware to the mainframe and back, positioning AutoPilot as an industry leader and innovator. AutoPilot and its embedded complex event processing (CEP) engine enable users to quickly detect and fix problems – even to predict and prevent them – before they start to impact one’s business.

Now, businesses invoking business transactions that cross between the distributed and mainframe tiers, whether they utilize SOA based composite applications or even the Cloud, can have the visibility they need to manage risk and improve performance. The forensic goal of figuring out what happened and how to make it better need no longer stop at any borders. As a result, businesses of this real-time end-to-end cross-tier view can achieve both reduction in risk and containment of cost, and most importantly, competitive differentiation as application performance and service availability steadily improve.

“The need for Business Transaction Monitoring applies to transactions spanning .NET to Java to WMQ to CICS,” said Albert Mavashev, CTO of Nastel Technologies. “Industries, such as financial services in the middle office performing settlement and post-trade compliance, regularly require access to their mainframe customer information databases, and these are accessed via CICS. Visibility across from the distributed world to CICS is essential to assure timely compliance and contain risk.”

About Nastel AutoPilot
Nastel AutoPilot provides businesses with 360° situational awareness of both operational and transactional data delivering improved visibility, prediction and performance. Nastel’s business transaction management solution ensures optimum service levels while eliminating the hidden costs, or "stealth waste," in business processes. AutoPilot’s capabilities for transaction management, automated root cause isolation, performance analysis and determination of business impact enable its users to improve business process efficiencies and service levels while reducing cost and managing risk.

About Nastel

Nastel Technologies is a premier global provider of business transaction performance ™ solutions for mission-critical applications. Nastel is a privately held company headquartered in New York, with offices in the U.S., the U.K., Germany and Mexico, and a network of partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. For more information, visit Nastel’s website at

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