Streaming Data Analytics for Mobile with Real-time Tracking

October 31, 2016 Nastel Technologies, a global provider of real-time IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions, announced AutoPilot® Mobile, its next-generation set of mobile-centric analysis tools available as part of its flagship AutoPilot® Insight software platform. New streaming data and real-time tracking features, combined with extensive forensic diagnostics, provide the broad array of capabilities needed by users ranging from developers and IT admins to telecom managers and business analysts.

Charley Rich, Nastel’s VP-Product Management, stated: “We all know about the huge role mobile technology is playing in the digital transformation sweeping through today’s enterprises. With mobile now the preferred interface for customer-facing business applications, fast deployment of high-quality apps is the name of the game. Nastel provides complete situational awareness of user behaviors, performance, and the data transactions between mobile apps and the back-end infrastructure supporting them.”

Rich continued: “Our flexible open source APIs and analytics-as-a-service model enables developers to build, test, and deploy custom mobile apps much faster—with precision performance and crash analysis available to quickly address any problems as they arise. IT admins benefit from better monitoring of app resource consumption and other important metrics. Telecom managers gain exact knowledge of device service costs, reliability, and performance across multiple carriers, which is critical for determining SLA adherence and negotiating favorable contract terms with service providers. Lastly, business analysts eliminate guesswork when optimizing user interaction pathways and behaviors because they can understand individual and aggregated behaviors, and track mobile transactions at a fundamental IT level, stitching them to back-end server and database event activities.”

On a technical level, Rich said Nastel’s commitment to the open source paradigm is reflected in the availability of both its streaming data and real-time tracking APIs as GitHub projects. Both leverage the open-source dependency manager called Cocoapods to help developers easily scale their application projects.

“Enterprise organizations,” Rich continued, “now have an easy means of streaming data from mobile applications to AutoPilot® Insight for analysis. Customer applications can stream data, submit interactive queries, and subscribe to real-time analytics. Our RESTful API, available here on GitHub, can be used with any iOS-based application using Objective C or Swift. Other technical users can leverage Nastel’s built-in natural query language, jKQL, to easily ask questions, subscribe to answers, and extract actionable intelligence from app data streams. Business users can use AutoPilot® Insight to enrich data acquired from their custom mobile apps with data from other sources for additional business perspectives. This API can even be employed as a means to store application data without setting up a database solution.”

The second API, available here on GitHub, provides real-time tracking of user interactions within any custom iOS mobile app. Mobile app developers can use this API to provide analytics to their applications. Added to an app in minutes, this API transmits user actions, touch events, navigation paths, locations, and timings to AutoPilot® Insight. App crash data can be streamed as well. This adds in-depth, real user monitoring and tracking for any custom application native to iOS.

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