Nastel Navigator for MQ

Nastel Navigator for MQ

Nastel’s Navigator gives you the visibility and diagnostics of MQ objects and messages you need to address your MQ issue.

Nastel Navigator for MQ provides advanced management functionality for administrators who need to manage IBM MQ at scale.

Web-based Management of IBM MQ

All within a web browser

– Improve Middleware Team Performance

– Increase Security

– Provide your Middleware users with Self-Service

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Using Nastel Navigator to Manage a queue manager created with IBM MQ on cloud.

Features and Benefits :

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Provides Development and Testing personnel with powerful online middleware diagnostics.

Message Management

Easily view, replay and manipulate messages to better replicate production problems.


Self-service access enables Development and UAT teams to rapidly diagnose root causes of middleware problems.


Reduced admin workload as a result of secure self-service functions delegated to selected users and stakeholders that require visibility into applications running in a middleware environment such as IBM MQ.


Web-based interface and agent-less operation eliminates allocation of installation resources.


Nastel Navigator allows admins to mandate what rights users have over their Messaging system, ensuring security.


cloud and/or on-premise


Everywhere where MQ Runs runs


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Screenshot of Nastel Navigator for MQ


Nastel Navigator supports both IBM MQ and TIBCO EMS objects.


Views of queues, channels, queue managers, and subscriptions

Self Service

Self-service diagnostics and monitoring – secure and audited


Animated topology flow based on queue statistics


Topology view across middleware including MQ Cluster objects


Cluster creation wizard


Rollback for change events

Manage Messages

Ability to view and manipulate messages generated by applications


Act on application-specific messages (move, copy, edit, route, replay, create)

Web Based

Web-based management for MQ

Queue Status Management

Views of queue status and applications