Nastel XRay for MQ Quick Start

How to Install / Configure and Start Using
Nastel XRay for MQ Cloud Edition

Three Easy Steps

Step 1 Register


(Takes about 2 mins)

Step 2 Login

Start looking at the test MQ environment already configured (You will be here in under 5 mins).

Step 3 Connect

Connect to your own MQ environment and use Nastel XRay for real. (Requires an MQ administrator and generally takes about 30 mins)

Step 1 Register


– You will receive an email to the email address you provide, this email will ask you to provide a user name and a password. If you have previously used other Nastel products, you will need to ensure that the username you select is unique.

– Once you have completed the registration you will be presented with a webpage that includes a link to the detailed setup documentation, the required download of required install and configuration scripts and the API Access Token. If you need to get back to this page later you will find it in the useful links at

Step 2 Login and start looking at the test MQ environment already configured.

– At this point you can start to view the sample datasets that have been included with the live instance of Nastel XRay for MQ’s cloud edition. All you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions to login to the cloud system, and click on the displayed link to Go To Dashboard.

–  You will see the live Nastel XRay for MQ dashboard, and at the top left you will see a pull down menu that currently states Sample-OrderTracking. Please select this menu and change the displayed dashboard to Sample-IBM_MQ_Tracing. Now you are looking at information about our sample MQ environment, and you can select you’re the various tabs that have been created and drill into the various pieces of available information or create views as you like.

Step 3 Connect to your own MQ environment and use Nastel XRay for real.

 (Requires an MQ expert and generally takes about 30 mins)

– To connect to your own MQ environment, please follow the remaining steps in this document.

– Full details can be found in the documentation here.

– If you would prefer a Nastel expert to help you implement this process, please click on this link and an expert will contact you.

Request Installation Support

Prerequisites for installing Nastel XRay for MQ:

– java installation with set JAVA_HOME environment variable

– Knowledge of MQ for MQ configuration settings.
– Setup the repository within the Nastel XRay for MQ dashboard. This is described in section 3.4 of the documentation
– Download the MQ Connector scripts at
– Expand the compressed file using an unzip utility
– Have at hand specific information about your MQ environment
– You will need the URL for the Nastel XRay repository
– If you are using the cloud edition this will be
– You will need the name of your Queue manager (depending on your configuration this may be optional)
– You will need the name of your channel, host and port value (depending on your configuration this may be optional)
– You will need the username and password for access to your queue manager
– Switch to XRayStarterPackrun directory in the location that you have uncompressed the file.
– Run for Linux and XRay_setup.cmd for windows environment

You should see:
Enter your Nastel XRay repository URL ( Press enter for default.
Enter your Access Token (DefaultToken): copy and paste the token you have gotten during the account registration.
Switch to XRayStarterPackrunibm-mq-trace-events directory and edit the XRayMQ_parser.xml file with MQ information. You would need to specify the QMGR name and the connection names.
Within this file please change these properties with your information (depending on your configuration some of this may be optional):

Start using Nastel XRay with your own MQ data. After successful configuration and verifying connection the QMGRs switch to XRayStarterPackrunibm-mq-trace-events and run: (for Linux) and run.bat for (windows)
Configure and activate the Queue manager- Section 5 of the setup documentation describes this in detail – Please read this document carefully , as it contains detailed instructions required to connect your MQ environment to Nastel XRay for MQ

At this point you have completed connecting your MQ data to your dashboards and can see the full value of MQ tracing your own data at