Nastel XRay

Track and Trace Transaction and Message Flows

See how messages flow through your application stack. Do you know where your messages & transactions are?

  • Track message flows across servers, containers and apps
  • Capture & search through message headers, content
  • Profile your application & find bottlenecks quickly
  • Audit trail of messages coming in and out of your apps
  • Analyze application usage stats for capacity planning

Visualization and Reporting

Detailed reporting for various stakeholders — business & technical using your browser or your mobile device.

  • Performance reports
  • Analytics & audit reports
  • Alerts, exceptions, hotspots
  • Create your own using ad-hoc reports
  • Web based, iOS, Android

English Like Query Language

Talk to your data in English.

  • Deep dive into your data using English like query language
  • Quickly turn queries into visualizations
  • See flow the flow of your data across your application stack

Scalability & Multi Tenancy

Scale Nastel XRay with your organization.

  • Partition your data into logical data lakes
  • Vertical and horizontal scale to handle high data volumes
  • Clustered architecture, elastic scalability

Enhanced Security

Role based security with authentication and authorization from a central point.

  • Manage all your users, teams, groups and access control
  • Single sign-on with LDAP & Windows AD integrations
  • Easily manage large and small organizations
  • Audit trail of all changes & actions


Extend Nastel XRay platform using REST APIs.

  • Build your own applications, extensions
  • Integrate with your web apps, dashboards
  • Script configuration, actions & deployments

Library Of Integrations

Make use of our open-source, fully supported library of integrations.

  • Collect metrics, logs, messages from other sources
  • Integrate with ELK, Splunk, OpenTelemetry, CollectD, StatD and others
  • Build your own integrations as needed
  • Connect to any platform: JMS, Kafka, MQ, MQTT, Web Services and more