Application Transaction Monitoring stories can be broadcast across private Twitter networks

MELVILLE, NY (December 2, 2009) – Nastel Technologies has announced that its AutoPilot® product family including TransactionWorks now has the ability to broadcast stories, a form of a real-time alert, over private Twitter networks. AutoPilot maintains real-time business views that model a customer’s alignment between their business and IT infrastructure. When symptoms arise and Nastel’s complex event processing engine detects a pattern predicting that the members of a business view will be impacted, AutoPilot can automatically tweet an application performance management “story” to users of a private Twitter network. Now, the power, ease of use and low overhead of social networking can be leveraged to help resolve the complex problem of driving business transaction performance®. AutoPilot creating tweets warning about potential transaction performance problems

“Social networking tools like Twitter obviate the need on the sender’s part to know in advance who the listeners are and create broadcasts that can be used by a wide range of users,” said Albert Mavashev, CTO of Nastel Technologies. “In addition, there is an ever growing community of tools that are being developed as clients for Twitter. The IT folks responsible for transaction management are shielded from needing to know which tools the end user administrator will be utilizing to receive their stories.”

For example, an administrator utilizing a Blackberry, Droid or iPhone can instantly receive important stories concerning their mission critical transactions. Since administrators are using AutoPilot for predictive determination of problems, the information they receive is actionable, enabling these administrators to restore performance before users are impacted.

“In today’s evolving IT landscape where Cloud Computing is finding more proponents, this technology is especially valuable,” said Charley Rich, Nastel’s VP of Marketing and Product Management. “The creators of the cloud can create generic alerting mechanisms without being constrained by the current state of the art for viewing alerts. Over time, as better tools proliferate, the cloud subscribers will be able to take advantage of them. This new capability brings together the responsiveness of social networking with cloud computing and application performance management.”

About Nastel AutoPilot
Nastel AutoPilot provides businesses with 360° situational awareness of both operational and transactional data, reduced transactional latency and improved business transaction performance ™ to ensure optimum service levels while eliminating the hidden costs, or “stealth waste,” in business processes. AutoPilot’s capabilities for transaction management, automated root cause isolation, performance analysis and determination of business impact enable its users to improve business process efficiencies and service levels while reducing cost and managing risk.

About Nastel
Nastel Technologies is a premier global provider of business transaction performance™ solutions for mission-critical applications. Nastel is a privately held company headquartered in New York, with offices in the U.S., the U.K., Germany and Mexico, and a network of partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. For more information, visit Nastel’s website at

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