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Modern AIOps doesn’t just fix outages — it prevents them

Modern AIOps doesn’t just fix outages — it prevents them – Is your business one accidental click away from a major outage? We saw it happen with Atlassian earlier this year. You may already have an incident management strategy and monitoring, but is it adjusted for the ever-changing IT infrastructure and application architectures? Putting appropriate protocols in … Continued

What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud has become a popular computing model in recent times. Find out all you need to know, including its features, pros and cons   As computing needs evolve, enterprises continuously find it difficult to scale their business offerings on private or on-premises computing environments. That’s why there are third-party or public cloud providers to enable businesses … Continued

IBM MQ vs Apache Kafka: How Do They Differ?

Asynchronous communication between various CX applications has long been made possible by enterprise messaging solutions like IBM MQ and – more recently – Apache Kafka.   Developers might assume that these two technologies are interchangeable. However, once they scrape the surface, critical differences between IBM MQ and Apache Kafka come to light.   What is … Continued

Kafka vs RabbitMQ – A Head-to-Head Comparison for 2022

Kafka vs RabbitMQ – A side-by-side comparison of the performance and architectural differences between the two popular open-source messaging systems.   As a big data architect or a big data developer, when working with Microservices-based systems, you might often end up in a dilemma whether to use Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ for messaging. Rabbit MQ … Continued

adidas tracks sports activities with help from RabbitMQ

You go for a run, and when you’re done, your buddy, adidas Running, will tell you how you did. Maybe you hit a new goal this run or need encouragement to work harder next time. No matter what, behind the scenes there is a dedicated team of engineers relying on the stable foundation of RabbitMQ. … Continued

Are Prometheus & Grafana Sufficient To Support Modern IT?

The Prometheus and Grafana combination is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in the world of IT monitoring. There are many good reasons for this. They are free open source toolkits, so easy to get hold of and try out and so there is a lot of crowd sourced help available online to getting started, and this even includes documentation … Continued

AIOps: The Future of IT Operations Management in 2023

What is AIOps or Artificial Intelligence for IT OPERATIONS?   AIOps stands for artificial intelligence for IT Operations.  AIOps, is a set of tools and algorithms that gather data from the entire IT environment, including different monitoring systems, log files and other IT data sources.   It then analyzes and applies machine learning algorithms to … Continued

How to Reduce Costs With DevOps

As defined by Amazon Web Services, DevOps is the integration of cultural concepts, practices, methods, and tools which allow an organization to provide services and applications at high speed: advancing and improving their products at a much faster rate than those using traditional software process for infrastructure management and development. This allows organizations to serve clients more … Continued

How to create a data integration strategy for your organization

Developing a strategy for integrating data across your organization helps ensure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date data in a secure way. This article provides an example of a strategy you can use to develop your own.   Despite the global digital acceleration of data use cases, many companies still struggle to be … Continued

Apache Kafka in the Airline, Aviation and Travel Industry

Apache Kafka is the de facto standard for event streaming use cases across industries. Many use cases can be applied to the aviation industry, too. Concepts like payment, customer experience, and manufacturing differ in detail. But in the end, it is about integrating systems and processing data in real-time at scale. For instance, omnichannel retail with … Continued

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