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Monitor the availability and performance of IBM MQ with AutoPilot MQSonar.


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MQSonar is a freemium tool for monitoring the availability and performance of IBM MQ. Like sonar in a submarine, MQSonar sends out a “ping,” waits for it to echo back, then analyzes the elapsed time for the message’s journey, hop-by-hop. (Similar in operation to the networking tool traceroute.) In parallel, MQSonar compiles statistics on message propagation and reflection for each message, its components, and the aggregate.

In production, IBM MQ users utilize MQSonar for fault isolation and for testing response times; in QA, for creating a baseline for expected response times for a simulated workload.

The typical problems MQSonar can be applied to include:

  • A specific queue manager may not be up and responding
  • The configuration of queues may differ and as a result performance is adequate for some and not for others
  • Communication between queue managers may be slow
  • The path from one application to another (over IBM MQ) may be misconfigured

Monitor IBM MQ for Free with MQ Sonar.

Monitor Message Queues


  • Improved visibility into the performance of middleware-centric applications
  • A free tool for maintaining IBM MQ applications, available via download
  • MQSonar can be integrated with AutoPilot for enhanced analytics, alerting, and measurement of real transactions


  • Measures timing for queue manager message flow
  • Sends messages to a listening application which replies with a response
  • Captures the timing along the message path as well as the roundtrip
  • No changes to IBM MQ required
  • Integrates with AutoPilot for enhanced analytics, alerting and to measure real transactions
  • MQSonar can write to a CSV file for output and be used standalone