Post-Pandemic Operations

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The classic operations toolkit revolves around monitoring sets of physical properties (such as volume, speed, capacity) and having smart people build complex algorithms that describe when an event threshold has been breached.

As systems continue to become more advanced with more moving parts and more flexibility as to how they are combined, these algorithms have become too complex for the event the smartest teams to manage, so the response has been to deploy advanced data analytics with machine learning AI capabilities to augment these teams. However, this comes with an increase in the trifecta of issues:

  1. Cost
  2. Complexity
  3. Time

Companies are now finding that it is taking longer than ever to resolve complex issues, to determine the root cause, and then to implement effective remediation in a cost-effective manner.
What is needed is a method of abstracting business understanding from the entirety of these systems, to be able to visualize the pathways each user’s experience follows, and to overlay performance data on these pathways, and to be able to compare these to the historical record to identify anomalies in more effective and practical ways.

This new paradigm is being used by many of the world’s largest, most successful, and most innovative businesses today, and the results are proving to be increased availability and performance, reduced costs and time to problem resolution, and improved user experience, compliance to regulations and better security.

If you are looking to make the leap to post-pandemic thinking, let us show you the Nastel way.

Nastel Technologies helps companies achieve flawless delivery of digital services powered by middleware. Nastel delivers Middleware Management, Monitoring, Tracking, and Analytics to detect anomalies, accelerate decisions, and enable customers to constantly innovate. To answer business-centric questions and provide actionable guidance for decision-makers, Nastel’s Navigator X fuses:

  • Advanced predictive anomaly detection, Bayesian Classification, and other machine learning algorithms
  • Raw information handling and analytics speed
  • End-to-end business transaction tracking that spans technologies, tiers, and organizations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use data visualizations and dashboards
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  • Al Kesselman
    September 9, 2021
    This is very good. Thanks for sending and thanks Sam for an understandable explanation of complex technology. Please pass my best wishes to allal
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